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Aug 10, 2009
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Modified the car from a reputed aftermarket dealership or just tweaked from a local mechanic? Did you love their service or loathe?

It's time to let the world know about your genuine experiences. That’s exactly the purpose services reviews section has been introduced.

Before posting in this section, it is recommended to ensure the following:
  • New threads containing simply a one-liner review are certain to be disqualified.
  • It’s always a good idea to include a few actual pictures / video of the dealership in your review.
  • This section is reserved only for reviews. Please do not create threads here to seek advice on workshops.
  • Please aptly title the thread. Example: ‘3M Car Care Services (Gurgaon) Review’ NOT ‘Car Detailing Gurgaon!!’.
  • Those who are affiliated with the brand either directly or indirectly are not permitted to share reviews of their services.
  • This section is only for aftermarket services (Eg: Used car dealer, car detailing, mechanics etc). Manufacturer authorized services should be reviewed in Dealership Reviews.
A review not necessarily has to be lengthy. We encourage making use of the following template to maintain uniform and to-the-point reviews.

Of course, members are welcome to alter this template to include additional useful information, as long as it also at least covers these pointers.
  • Name of Dealer: (Eg: 3M Car Care Center, Gurgaon)
  • Address & Phone Number: (Share the full address and phone number of the office / person in-charge. Embed Google Map for convenience).
  • Brief Description: (Share a brief description of the dealer offering services. Such as services available, specialized skills, how long in business etc).
  • Service(s) Opted By You: (What services did you opt from them and for what price?).
  • Your Likes and Dislikes: (A list of likes and dislikes. Minimum 3 each are recommended).
  • Punctuality Rating: (How well do they keep their promise of finishing the job on time? Rate it out of 10).
  • Staff Courtesy Rating: (Is their staff courteous and presentable or too rude to deal with? Rate it out of 10).
  • Overall Satisfaction Rating: (Your personal rating on the overall service levels. Rate it out of 10).
  • Additional / Miscellaneous Points: (Further observations or pointers regarding the service in question).
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