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Sep 11, 2009
March 2021 - Oil Leak

Oil leak has been a persistent issue since the morons screwed up the bike. Starts dripping in drops after last oil change. New bolt + old fatigued thread tends to leak.

2021-03-29 09-05-08.jpg

2021-03-25 11-13-32.jpg

Bulldog comes to rescue. Gasket maker bought for some other project.

2021-03-29 09-07-07.jpg
2021-03-29 09-08-44.jpg

Loosened the drain bolt.

2021-03-29 09-19-24.jpg

Applied the sealant and tightened back. Leak fullstop. Crush washer recentred later.

2021-03-29 09-25-25.jpg

Sore looking plastic caps. Needs replacement soon. Won't give for timing adjustment with good caps again. Can be easily opened with a coin or a steel scale, but almost all remove them with normal screwdriver.

2021-03-29 12-40-12.jpg
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Sep 11, 2009
April 2021 - Choke Cable Delete

2021-04-04 09-00-11.jpg

Never had to use choke in my bike till date. It starts with a single crank, any season, any time. The cable usually gets rusted and stuck due to disuse and when someone pulls it up, it acts up on the bike and is a menace. Replacing the unused cable periodically was another expense on pocket. Been searching for compatible "on-carb" choke levers for some time and got to understand RX100 lever can be installed. Searched everywhere and not to be found. Available online, but asking price was insane and unjustifiable, 5 times original price. Searched Indian bikes with such lever and zeroed to Pulsars. Checked with Bajaj and all were adamant that Pulsar never came with a clutch pull and had auto choke.

One night, was going to wife's house and spotted a new shop (rather old one renovated) with a huge Bajaj Spares board, stopped and checked with them. Answer was wait till the other customers are dealt with. He showed me the part, needle ended, unlike flat end of RX. Came in UG5 Pulsars and Avenger. Hard to find enthusiastic guys over counter nowadays. Shop name is A-One Auto Spares near Panavila. Bought the part, but unsure about the fit on FZ carb.

Plunger Assembly Set (Bajaj) - DJ121059 - ₹ 91.00

2021-04-08 09-18-48.jpg
2021-04-08 09-19-02.jpg

Longer than RX100 plunger.

2021-04-08 09-19-20.jpg

Installation. Removing stock cable and choke.

2021-04-08 09-20-36.jpg
2021-04-08 09-21-46.jpg

Pulsar vs stock.

2021-04-08 09-22-46.jpg

Test fit.

2021-04-08 09-23-21.jpg

Fits perfect. Never gonna use it [evil]

2021-04-08 09-24-25.jpg

Removing stock choke lever and cable. Undo the switch bolts and both of them comes off.

2021-04-08 09-26-16.jpg
2021-04-08 09-26-22.jpg

Pull out the cable and done.

2021-04-08 09-27-04.jpg

With choke vs without choke. Just because of the choke lever, I couldn't upgrade to FZ v3 switchgear with push down pass light switch. Indeed, I had been in search of the pull-type choke lever for that purpose as well.

2021-04-08 09-27-49.jpg
2021-04-08 09-28-36.jpg

Stock parts, for safe storage.

2021-04-08 09-29-38.jpg

Bonus, the puncture posted previously. Didn't get time to fix it, was running with the nail on, topping up air. Leak was slow, so never bothered.

2021-04-11 21-25-58.jpg
2021-04-11 21-27-20.jpg

Getting new nails recently, [embarass] but I won't give them a penny.

2021-04-11 21-29-44.jpg
2021-04-11 21-27-32.jpg

I still have 30+ puncture strips [evil].

2021-04-11 21-38-19.jpg
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Sep 11, 2009
April 2021 - Misc Updates

Parts hunt, started out in search of straight screw plugs (Yamaha term). The deformed ones were ugly (but will fit them every time I visit some garage for timing-adjustment-mandated jobs).

2021-04-12 10-43-35.jpg

One of the engine case bolts was missing. That was also in list, but couldn't get one after touring all the Yamaha dealers and spares in town. Even tried Bajaj as they were same on Pulsars. That was a 40-mm long M6 bolt with 8-mm head instead of 10-mm one. Bought a single regular M6x40 MS Flange Bolt from RV Group Engineering Arena, ₹ 4.00/piece. Regular head was big for the casing to accommodate. Alternative was Allen bolts. Had some M6 Allen bolts, but were 50 mm long. These were for Pulsar bar end weight.

2021-04-12 15-24-41.jpg

Plan was to cut the extra 10 mm, but found a 40 mm one among old discarded bolts. This was a high tensile SS bolt for Duke's crash guard. Removed from Duke while replacing crash guard and had a slight bend in the unthreaded shaft length.

2021-04-12 15-26-02.jpg
2021-04-12 15-26-17.jpg

Installed for the time being, but a lost OE bolt is a lot OE bolt. The search will continue.

2021-04-12 15-32-33.jpg

Got a silver big straight screw plug from Muthoot Yamaha, black was out of stock. These belonged to 125 cc Yamahas like Gladiator, Enticer, YD125, etc.

Straight Plug Screw (Big) (Silver) - 90340-32808 - ₹ 14.00

2021-04-12 15-42-10.jpg

2021-04-12 15-42-18.jpg

Next day, checked with Denz Yamaha. They had abundant spare in stock, but they had inventory management issues. Network was down and the guy at the counter and the lady staff had no idea of what I was asking for or where to look for. Didn't even have a hard copy of the parts manual. A mechanic working there came by for spares and he had better idea of what is what and what is where. Got the required plugs in no time. He said bolt is there, but he had no clue as it needed part number to pinpoint the location. Didn't bother. Only thought was to escape from there as none of the staff wore a mask and the count was peaking, only exception was the security.

Straight Screw Plug (Big) - 90340-32805 - ₹ 13.00

2021-04-12 15-40-26.jpg

Straight Screw Plug (Small) - 90340-14117 - ₹ 11.00

2021-04-12 15-40-41.jpg


2021-04-12 15-41-05.jpg

Got to buy o-rings for install. Forgot about that. Found a shop with tons of o-rings in all sizes [evil]

2021-04-12 15-40-56.jpg

Finally, bought a C-clamp, if I remember a 3-inch one for around ₹ 200.00. Found a shop named Krishna Enterprises in Marakkada Road, Trivandrum, which was open late night and even on Sundays, boon for all weekend-screwed DIYians.

2021-04-04 18-27-05.jpg

and had use so soon. Third or fourth time working with calipers. All of a sudden, pushing pistons became an easy 10-second job.

2021-04-18 15-31-16.jpg

What now? Forgot to grease while replacing pads and caliper was hard and not floating freely.

2021-04-18 15-36-16.jpg
2021-04-18 15-36-27.jpg
2021-04-18 15-36-33.jpg

All is well.

2021-04-18 15-42-25.jpg

Marathon Wash.

2021-04-18 22-19-57.jpg
2021-04-18 22-20-10.jpg

Parked for the next lockdown.

2021-04-18 22-53-00.jpg

Momo break while running for cover. Lockdown 2.0 declared and took my boy with me to the hideout.

2021-04-26 18-15-16.jpg
May 5, 2018
April 2021 - Misc Updates
One of the engine case bolts was missing.
Hey, I checked with Sivaji Yamaha Kaimanam (Opp to RE showroom) and they have the the engine case bolt (Part # 95027-06040). If you need please let me know, I can procure from Sivaji, I stay near Muthoot Yamaha, Killipalam.
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Sep 11, 2009
Hey, I checked with Sivaji Yamaha Kaimanam (Opp to RE showroom) and they have the the engine case bolt (Part # 95027-06040). If you need please let me know, I can procure from Sivaji, I stay near Muthoot Yamaha, Killipalam.
Will check with them. Strange coincidence, always end up there right at lunch break. Any idea of the price? Yamaha always price the fasteners insanely.
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Sep 11, 2009
April 2021 - Fork Reflectors

I was always fond of fork reflectors (or side reflectors) from childhood. Searched for them from eBay days. Hated the round ones available on Yamaha RX series (but RXZ came with rectangle ones). One day, Vespa popped up with side reflectors and bought 4 of them from the friendly (now defunct) dealer. They were bolt-on and managed to remove the bolt, but suitable only for flat surfaces. The search continued and Honda came with more squarish rectangle ones, again bolt-on type, but manageable with custom clamps, but as always, Honda kept the tradition of not providing uncommon spares (save for filters, cables, shared/common body parts). Then, MOT made it mandatory in BS6 motorcycles. Loved the Bajaj reflector, rectangle with curved edges and slimmer. YouTubers and vloggers from north were installing them on everything they could find while in the other part, we were (are still) running behind Bajaj spare parts distributor for a pair of those. RE had proper spare network here, so one day visited Subha Auto Wares, the RE genuine parts outlet in Trivandrum, and they had in stock. Bought two of them. They were easygoing than the Bajaj showroom outlets.

Reflex Reflector with Base (Royal Enfield) - RAH00259/S (Royal Enfield) - ₹ 85.00 x 2

2021-04-27 09-32-24.jpg
2021-04-27 09-32-35.jpg
2021-04-27 09-34-30.jpg

Made by Rinder, RR64060.

2021-04-27 09-34-43.jpg

DOT certified.

2021-04-27 09-34-53.jpg

Came with self-adhesive double-sided 3M tape.

2021-04-27 09-35-49.jpg

Cleaned the fork

2021-04-27 09-35-00.jpg

and installed.

2021-04-27 09-36-50.jpg

Handsome. Opinions please. My generation Z friends make fun of me calling this an uncle mod.

2021-04-28 18-21-04.jpg

May 2021 - More Puncture.

2021-05-03 18-10-49.jpg

Weapon of mass destruction.

2021-05-03 18-13-25.jpg

Plenty of them left. Let them throw more nails [gun]

2021-05-03 18-14-17.jpg
2021-05-03 18-14-21.jpg

Mending one on the edge of the grip is tricky.

2021-05-03 18-19-32.jpg

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