Barricade - Yamaha FZ-16 (2009) - Midnight Black

Jun 3, 2020
Dual cable carb is the better bet and can be used with single cable. Yamaha ditched the idea of dual cable and fitted single cable over dual-cable carb towards the end. Part number for that specific cable is 21C-F6311-300. Can use with current switch and grip and save the cost of the extra cable.

Quoting below the reply by Mr. Nikhil George of Moto Wheels, Kochi (Yamaha genuine parts distributor) for one of my FB posts regarding FZ carbs. Can be helpful to all carb FZians.

Wow this is great news. Thank you very much.
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Sep 11, 2009
June 2021 - AIS (Air Induction System) (Repairing and) Cleaning

AIS is one of the most ignored part in the bike (so did I), some end up bypassing it when it starts misfiring. It's a small diaphragmatic valve controlled by intake pressure differences and feed clean air to exhaust port to burn off unburned fuel especially at lower rpms and decelerating. Faulty one would end up acting like an EGR valve feeding exhaust gas into the air filter box and into the intake. Never cleaned in my bike, kept postponing, until a friend asked doubts about cleaning (which I had no clue of).

To start with, it can be accessed by removing the RH tank panel.

2021-06-20 16-06-58.jpg

Access is hindered in my case with the after-market horn.

2021-06-20 16-07-39.jpg

Disconnected and removed the horn and found it was secured with the missing engine casing bolt [frustration] @n_g_rjun

2021-06-20 16-08-47.jpg

The AIS. Has 3 hoses, small one to intake manifold which controls the whole system. Other two goes to air filter box and exhaust port.

2021-06-20 16-10-11.jpg

Disconnect all of them and remove the 10-mm bolt.

2021-06-20 16-11-23.jpg

And it will come off.

2021-06-20 16-12-36.jpg

2021-06-20 16-12-28.jpg
2021-06-20 16-12-33.jpg
2021-06-20 16-12-39.jpg
2021-06-20 16-12-42.jpg
2021-06-20 16-12-49.jpg

Four screws hold them to the clamp as well as secures the cover. Removing them opens up the AIS as well.

2021-06-20 16-16-32.jpg

2021-06-20 16-16-14.jpg

Base part where exhaust port connects. Coal-like debris.

2021-06-20 16-16-47.jpg

Reed valve set up on the top part. Partially blocked with debris as well. Clean these two and you are good to go in normal case,

2021-06-20 16-16-54.jpg

but on the other side I see an O-ring and a retainer washer. Something is not right.

2021-06-20 16-18-25.jpg

It was oily all over.

2021-06-20 16-18-29.jpg

Popped open the side cover and found the air shut off valve fallen off. This might be the reason for untraced oil depletion and/or quick plug darkening, but the reed valve in between made that theory speculative.

2021-06-20 16-21-16.jpg

Opened the intake manifold-fed side. It's spring-loaded and negative pressure/suction force from intake manifold pulls the diaphragm outwards.

2021-06-20 16-23-04.jpg

2021-06-20 16-23-10.jpg

The shaft on the other end is where the fallen valve belongs.

2021-06-20 16-24-58.jpg

Found the location of the o-ring.

2021-06-20 16-25-12.jpg

Installed back the valve and secured with the retainer washer.

2021-06-20 16-29-05.jpg

Normal/open position. Free flow of air to exhaust port.

2021-06-20 16-29-14.jpg

Shut off position, when activated. This blocks air flow. At higher rpm, suction force will be high at intake manifold, pulling the diaphragm in, shutting off this valve. Pressure will be high at exhaust port too, causing reverse flow into filter box, which is blocked by this valve.

2021-06-20 16-29-20.jpg

Cleaning up. Reed can be disassembled by removing the bolt.

2021-06-20 16-33-09.jpg
2021-06-20 16-33-11.jpg

Base and rubber lining can be separated and cleaned conveniently.

2021-06-20 16-35-08.jpg

All cleaned and ready to install.

2021-06-20 16-38-13.jpg

Reed assembled.

2021-06-20 16-39-21.jpg

Cleaning the muck on the base.

2021-06-20 16-39-59.jpg
2021-06-20 16-40-06.jpg

Sprayed some throttle-body cleaner and wiped off. Effortless and effective.

2021-06-20 16-42-37.jpg

Work in progress.

2021-06-20 16-44-30.jpg

Spring on the diaphragm side.

2021-06-20 16-56-56.jpg

Assembled and ready to install.

2021-06-20 16-55-27.jpg

Rubber piping to exhaust port. Cleaned that with diesel and some TB cleaner.

2021-06-20 16-54-48.jpg

Exhaust port outlet. When disconnected, makes mild FFE/induction-like noise. Commonly seen blocked with bearing balls especially in commuter bikes and Unicorns even by ASC.

2021-06-20 16-54-22.jpg

Installed and all tubes connected.

2021-06-20 16-59-18.jpg

This is where the tube connects to the intake manifold.


and where it meets the air filter box. Other tube is for crankcase ventilation. It's been a long since stripped and cleaned the bike. Full of dirt.


New flange bolt for horn/tank mounting.

2021-06-20 17-02-07.jpg

Thread gone in one of the tank cover nut springs.

2021-06-20 17-08-49.jpg

The ₹80 Yamaha part I have been saving for years. Heard new ones are cheaper.

2021-06-20 17-09-13.jpg

Pulsar fairing bolts. Cheap and of good quality.

2021-06-20 17-12-26.jpg

Checked air filter box for oil and there was just a trace.

2021-06-20 17-14-06.jpg

All set and done.

2021-06-20 18-29-32.jpg
Feb 17, 2017
I always wanted to have a DRL in my FZS after the BS4 made DRLs compulsary. Almost all 2 wheelers I see have DRLs now and it feels odd to see bikes without DRLs. I had already installed a T10 white LED in the position lamp of the headlight but I had to turn on the light manually everytime and it made the rear number plate light also to light up, which I didn't like.
Decided to get a direct connection to the position light today.
I saw the H4 headlight upgrade here and thought I'll do the same. Since I had to remove the headlight I thought l will also do some wiring for the DRL.
Got 12v by tapping the front brake light switch wire and replaced the position lamp 12v supply with that. Sealed off the actual 12v of the position lamp. Don't use the negative of the brake light switch as it'll turn off the position lamp while applying brake. Use the existing negative of the postion lamp.
The position lamp LED turns on as soon as the key is turned to ignition.
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Sep 11, 2009
October 2021 - Updates

It has been two years since replacing the rear brake shoes. Bite was still good, but the adjuster reached the end. Less than 8k km clocked. Bought the brake shoes from A-One Auto Spares. Springs were not available. He recommended reusing old ones if not damaged.

Brake Shoe Set - 1GC-F530K-00 - ₹ 281.00

2021-10-26 12-12-43.jpg

Made by ASK

2021-10-26 12-16-07.jpg
2021-10-26 12-16-18.jpg

2021-10-26 15-34-16.jpg

Wheel collars, bought before COVID hit our shore. Never installed, either I'd be lazy or they would go missing.

RH/brake drum side - 21C-F5383-10 - ₹ 36.00

2021-10-26 12-15-06.jpg

LH/sprocket side - 21C-F5377-01 - ₹ 39.00

2021-10-26 12-15-32.jpg


2021-10-26 15-22-38.jpg

Old shoes. Still messing with the drum even after replacing the cam.

2021-10-26 15-23-29.jpg

Damage and shaving. Too much tempted for a rear disc conversion, but put on hold, don't know for how long.

2021-10-26 15-23-34.jpg

Brake dust - musk - messy.

2021-10-26 15-30-04.jpg

Disassembled for cleaning and greasing the cam.

2021-10-26 15-40-43.jpg

Old vs new shoes.

2021-10-26 15-33-59_1.jpg

Saved the springs

2021-10-26 15-34-38.jpg

and installed on the new set.

2021-10-26 15-35-45.jpg
2021-10-26 15-35-50.jpg

Collars - New vs. old.

2021-10-26 15-49-30.jpg

New upgraded part, maybe shared with FZ version 2.

2021-10-26 15-49-35.jpg


2021-10-26 15-51-10.jpg

All set.

2021-10-26 16-02-05.jpg

2021-10-26 16-02-08.jpg
2021-10-26 16-02-14.jpg

Front wheel wasn't holding air and I was cursing the usual audience for their nasty tricks,

2021-10-27 20-46-14.jpg

but it turned out to be a faulty valve. Since it was well over 10 years, I decided to replace them, but the tyre shop clan were too lazy for the noon and they checked and replaced the valve pin and sorted the issue, but the wish to replace the valves still stuck behind the head [cry]

2021-10-27 20-48-35.jpg

Bath time.

2021-10-22 17-32-49.jpg
2021-10-22 17-33-02.jpg

Turtle Wax.

2021-10-22 17-44-59.jpg

Good old TriboCor. Used them up for the sake of throwing away the can.

2021-10-22 18-38-20.jpg

Frothy and sticky. Longest lasting lube used till date.

2021-10-22 18-37-12.jpg

Roam around.

2021-10-22 19-43-00.jpg
Dec 15, 2011
Yes. V2 alloy + caliper makes it a direct fit job, the only headache remains adding the stopper in the swingarm and mounting and connecting the rear MC and reservoir. V2 alloy costs 5k. Milling an adapter can save 80% of that.
Man, must say this has to be the MOST EXHAUSTIVE thread on the FZ anywhere. Its amazing how you've been constantly updating it. Cheers!!

Have heard lots of FZ owners say that carb on this thing requires constant fiddling. Your comments?
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Sep 11, 2009
Man, must say this has to be the MOST EXHAUSTIVE thread on the FZ anywhere. It's amazing how you've been constantly updating it. Cheers!!
Thank you, thank you [:D].

Have heard lots of FZ owners say that carb on this thing requires constant fiddling. Your comments?
FZ carb has been an unsolved mystery for many, especially the first version. Not even the best mechanics weren't able to sort out the missing issue. I never messed with the setting of the carb, though was very much tempted to tune it from day 1. Swapping with carb with Pulsar 180 and 200 NS, most have relieved the missing and mileage issues.
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Sep 11, 2009
February 2022 - Oil Change and Misc Updates

Switched back to my favourite Motul 5100. We parted away due to the cost factor as price was going up insanely compared to other brands. I was on oil hunt and there was a pull towards 5100, and they gave a sweet ₹100 discount. Now Made in India. Earlier used to be Made in France and later Made in Vietnam.

Motul 5100 15W50 - Semi-Synthetic - MRP ₹ 630.00
Got for ₹ 530.00 from Ex-Jawan lubricants.

2022-02-07 16-50-05.jpg
2022-02-07 16-50-16.jpg
2022-02-07 16-50-57.jpg
2022-02-07 16-50-59.jpg

Draining. Castrol Power 1 Cruise.

2022-02-07 16-02-56.jpg

Almost a litre. Topped up 200 ml 2 months back and ran 1000 km.

2022-02-07 16-05-00.jpg

Oil filter change. Wasn't required, just over 4k km run on that filter. Usually change them every two oil changes instead of the recommended 10k interval.

2022-02-07 16-18-38.jpg
2022-02-07 16-19-00.jpg

Oil filter. 100% price inflation since 2009. It was only ₹35.00 then.

2022-02-07 16-46-55.jpg
2022-02-07 16-47-00.jpg

Made by Mahle (Purolator)

2022-02-07 16-47-43.jpg

2022-02-07 16-47-36.jpg
2022-02-07 16-47-47.jpg

Soaked with oil

2022-02-07 16-53-24.jpg

and installed.

2022-02-07 16-53-51.jpg

Oil filter cover and O-ring.

2022-02-07 16-56-00.jpg

Drain bolt secured.

2022-02-07 17-15-09.jpg

Filling up.

2022-02-07 17-19-36.jpg

Waiting for the last drop.

2022-02-07 17-22-23.jpg

Footrest Bolt aka Curb Feeler - 90109-08202 - ₹ 23.00

2022-02-06 12-13-55.jpg

Mine fell off somewhere. It was loose because of a slight crack in the foot peg. Forgot buying new foot peg [frustration]

2022-02-06 12-16-42.jpg


2022-02-06 12-17-53.jpg

Bought exhaust cover. Current one got a deep hole in it from rubbing over a divider. FZ version 1 specific parts are being discontinued one by one. Exhaust cover got 2 parts, the smaller part wasn't available.

2022-02-06 11-48-54.jpg

Muffler Protector - 121C-E4718-10 - ₹ 301.00

2022-02-06 11-49-09.jpg

2021 make.

2022-02-06 11-48-42.jpg
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