Bajaj Pulsar 200NS - 1000 Kms Ownership Review

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Aug 4, 2012
Purchase Date: 06-08-2012
On Road Price: Rs.98,156/-
Color: Red
I was dreaming from 30.01.2012 till 06.08.12 of driving the Ns, exploring each & every Reviews that are posted in n number of websites.
I was happy seeing the positive reviews passed by all automotive Journalists.
Initial Drive Experience till First Service.
From the day I own the NS it was raining hard in Hyderabad, i took the delivery around 8pm in the evening after 1.3hr of rain I started
driving on the wet roads, I was little scary about the wet roads, but Ns never let me down.
Positive Experience

Initial pickup, acceleration was excellent as I was in Run-in-period never crossed 50kmph till 1000Km. I never felt dragging, jerking in
any gear, engine is butter smooth without any vibes. Weight of the bike never felt while driving.

Braking is good on dry conditions; I had used sudden breaking few times on dry roads the bike stopped there itself without any hiccups.
I used initially the rear brakes while braking in traffic, but I felt precise using front breaks.

Lighting is very bright on any given road, never faced problem in citing opposite vehicles, Driver console is good in daylight, Rpm meter,
and digital display showing clear fonts, 2 trip meters are usefull.

Coming to the saddle height I am able to put my legs down without any problem, I think my height is minimum height required to be
comfortable while parking & in traffic, my height is 5.10” & my friend is 5.6” had problem in finding his legs grounded in traffic.

About the pillion driving, seat is not to comfortable but not worse it is a win win situation, driving with pillion was as good as driving solo,
no issues with acceleration, jerking , breaking, overtaking while pillion is on is quite smooth, the engine responds well without losing its smoothness.

Mileage is what matters most in India, getting 48Kmpl it sounds astonishing but it is real time figures what I have quoted using
Reserve to Reserve method. My friend who is having Glamour is feeling jealous about these figures, even SVC guys are stunned to
hear these figures.

Negative Experience

I was getting engine vibrations when de accelerate from 50 to 40 kmph only and from 40 to 30 Kmph not finding any vibes, Rectified with SVC and now there is no vibes felt at this time.

Occasion Harsh Breaking the rear tyre seems getting locked till first service, rectified after first service, and on wet roads while breaking suddenly it seems the tyre is losing its firmness & it is slippery, but it seems ok when breaking gradually on wet roads.

Indicator Switch is not self cancelling & it is not comfortable to operate, fuel knob is not great quality, turning is somewhat not tradition which find in other bikes so I find little tentative in traffic to find good space to flick it.

Shifting Gears from 1St to 2nd I am having problem many times when downshifting the gear lever never quickly comes to home position gone to rectify this problem at SVC they had done some greasing and tightened the spring it seems little better now.

That’s it for now.[:)]


Feb 10, 2012
Welcome to TAI, and Congratulations on your new bike, another member joining Pulsarmania[clap], does the bike come with Eurogrip tyres? if yes then please upgrade it to MRF Zapper and that should solve the grip issue.
Sep 28, 2011
Hi Dilip,
Me too planning for this bike. Any recent updates will be very helpfull for me.
Hows the mileage and other maintanence activites.
Dec 18, 2011
Hi dilipinsearch, Congratulations on your new bike. Can you please update your review? Its been almost 6 months now since your first review. I am sure, now you know your bike in and out. My height is exactly matching to yours and I am very keen to know if you are facing any major issues, specially shoulder pains or back pain? I'm very concern about those because my current bike is giving me those issues a lot, indeed that is the only reason why I want to sell off my Apache RTR 180 bike which has just clocked 12,500 KM. Thanks a lot in advance.

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