Awful Experience at Tata Motors MyTVS

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Nov 20, 2013
This is a worst experience that i had with MY TVS Tata service Porur Chennai.

April 20: The car is leaking engine oil drop by drop. i was away from chennai. asked dad to take it to TML. The car is not under warranty nor the previous service is done at Tata motors service centers.

On the phone with Tata motors service executive Suresh, he said that engine Head gasket is leaking. As per dad, the engine oil is leaking near the right side wheel. I was not confident about his findings, asked him not to do any work. Dad took the car back home

April 22: back home on checking engine oil level hasn't gone down. found that the turbo return hose is leaking. took car to TML again explained him the issue, he was turning deaf ears saying that the car is not service at TML

I told him just replace the part. the part was ordered on 22nd.

april 25: Hose arrived on 25th and to my schock found that the Hose is different from what is in my car. i asked him how did this happen. He replied that the hose in my car is not TML, i have some alterations.

I asked him to reorder the hose and in exchange he said it is not possible or even a refund is not possible.

Got very upset, left without speaking a word, took the car to a road side mechanic, i said the engine oil is leaking, he immediately pointed to the the turbo return hose, he said this hose is not easily available. he removed the hose, mixed anabond paste and M seal at the end of the hoses and fitted it back, no oil leaks.

although the cost is just 550 rupees, the mechanics and service advisor are just idiots. they have ordered the wrong part,next a refund or even a exchange is not possible when i am not at fault.

I wonder what will be the customers's experience when they work on hexa?

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