Auto Sales Executives – Are they Informed Enough?

Aug 6, 2010
Re: Female Sales Executives - Are they Confident Enough?

Hey Friends,

How come I miss the topic about my own profession?

First I started my career in Ford as a sales executive. Then Worked with Honda and finaly came out from Volkswagen dealership as a Corporate Sales manager.

So i think i can give some useful information about the topic.

i will always give thumbs down for female se.
some of them make me feel as if i am shopping for cutlery and dishwashers in car showroom.

when it comes down to cars and bikes generally it is not sufficient to be just well informed about specs in paper.
Hey Jey, It depends purely on the person you deal with. In some cases The Females are much well informed about the product. In my experiance There were many lady SCs are better in sales as well as customer handling skills.

To add another strange point – when I questioned about the variant with ABS and Airbags, her answer was that it is pointless to spend additional Rs.50,000 for such things, because you’ll hardly need them! I mean come on man, this was shocking. :eek:

Drive Safe,
I hope that dealership is having excessive stock of the lower end model. we even some time ask the customer for the usage details like city driving or highway driving etc...

If he is purely a city driver then we will advise him to go for a non ABS model. & we will educate the customer about the advantage of having it.

Finally its customer's choice.

This varies upon dealer to dealer IMO! Personally i have seen knowledgeable female SE'S in Nissan , Skoda and Honda. They we good and answered almost all my questions to my satisfaction.

Female SE'S in TATA-Fiat were just average and just vomit the mugged up points! Even Toyota is just about okay. And of course as i said this varies from dealer to dealer!
I agree with Dhaya in this point. It varies from dealer to dealer & SC to SC.

i personally prefer to deal with male executives. i can deal with them much better than females.

Anmol this is entirly depends on the individual choice.

Adding to this

The People come as walkin to Showroom with family will always look for Female executives. There are lot of reasons behind it[evil] . Say The spouse also can ask a lot about the car & the features.
Sep 4, 2011
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Re: Female Sales Executives - Are they Confident Enough?

Ha ha ha ROFL .
I could not digest these conversations.
You can very well change the bulbs, no one will be cutting the wires.
Just they will be replacing the bulbs with the stock relay.

Regarding ICE go with a professional installer.
So is this a cost cutting mechanism of not giving a siren?

yeah i know that. Just thought it would be much better if i could have them do it for me. And the ice installers You really get surprised when you see them knowing more then the showroom guys.
The car has remote locking and button starter but no siren either ways i hate those sirens
Jul 2, 2011
Re: Female Sales Executives - Are they Confident Enough?

One day on seeing a Tata Venture's ad on newspaper i dialed a number of a dealer at cochin for asking about Manza Elan's details and a lady took the phone. She was not aware about the name Elan and she told me there is a new car launching at the same day which was named as Tata Magic Iris.
After looking at that car on internet, i called her back and told "nice car" and i would like to buy a dozen.
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Aug 2, 2011
Re: Female Sales Executives - Are they Confident Enough?

Last week went to mahindra showroom to see scorpio. I was surprised to see a lady SE. She was polite and explained everything properly.Also sometimes she consulted her manager (which is also a female) and given good info.
Dec 15, 2011
Re: Female Sales Executives - Are they Confident Enough?

I think it's less about male vs female and more about the attitude of a car company/dealer towards training and professionalism. Copy pasting my experience from another thread on this forum (with my friend at the Honda Showroom to have a look at the Brio) :

We enter the showroom and I take my friend straight to the Blue Brio parked in a corner and am explaining the car to him when a smartly dressed female SA approaches us and interrupts:

SA (With a HUGE smile): Good evening sir ! This is the Brio. Sir it's actually pronounced B-REE-OHH.

I (barely managing to suppress my laughter) : Good evening. So tell me about this B-REE-OHH.

SA: Sir this is the baste (best) car made by Honda in the (swings both her arms over her head and brings them down forming a huge arc) wooooorld .

I (controlling my laughter like anything): That's great. But can you tell me why?

SA (looks surprised as if I have asked a dumb question) : Sir because it's a Honda and Honda makes only baste cars.

I : Okay. Please tell me what best features does this B-REE-OHH have.

SA: Sir it has a most powerful injan (engine) and ABS.

I (sounding genuinely dumb): Hmm. ABS. What does it do?

SA: Sir it a very advanced electronic system developed by Honda.

I: But what does this very advanced electronic system developed by Honda do?

SA (excuses herself and comes back after two minutes while my friend and I let out our suppressed laughters): Sir ABS ensures that there are no brakes in an emergency so you cannot have any accident.

I: If the car has no brakes in an emergency then how will it stop?

SA: Umm...

I: Can you tell me the estimated delivery time if my friend here books the car today?

SA (relieved and flashes smile): Sir we have many bookings and due to floods in Indonesia, Honda is getting very less spares for the car and so you will not get the car until three months from today sir.

I: You mean Indonesia or Thailand?

SA (flutters her eyebrows) : Indonesia sir. Honda has two Plants there.

I: What discounts/freebies would you provide with the car?

SA: Sir there are no discounts but we will give you free mud flakes (sic), ganesha idol and mat lagwa doongi car ke andar (Would get the mats installed inside tha car).

I (have had enough): Thanks! Can I meet someone senior here at the showroom?

SA: It's closing time sir but I am fully knowledgeable about the car and you can ask me any quarry (query) if you have any more.

I: Thank you. We would like to make a booking. What was the pronounciation again?

SA : Sir, it's B-REEE-OHH.
Sep 16, 2011
Re: Female Sales Executives - Are they Confident Enough?

I have two different experience

1) Honda - The lady who attended us had very decent knowledge about Jazz and City. Even she knows each difference between City S and V model. Guyz don't expect technical things from sales person (either male or female) like 0-60 KMPH in ??? seconds, Max torque at ??? rpm. Internal details about speaker wattage etc etc

2) Tata/Fiat - For Tata vista, female executive literally failed to explain single difference between old Vista and 2011 Vista.
May 11, 2011
Re: Female Sales Executives - Are they Confident Enough?

BREE OHH experience was hilarious[lol] never expected that a company like Honda lacks in training these people! The Female Exceutives in RNS motors are very brilliant in explaining and courteous in every department(Showroom,acc shop and true value)
Apr 6, 2012
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Re: Auto Sales Executives – Are they Informed Enough?

I feel, most of the sales executives are less informed about the product they are selling. Be it male or female. I have seen many male executives who have less knowledge. They dont need to be experts. But atleast sound knowledge of product they are selling is must. I feel dealers are at fault out here. They should atleast give a basic training to the sales executives, male or female.

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