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Apr 8, 2012
Hello Gurus,

I am new to this forum, so sorry in advance for any mistakes.
I’ll be getting my new Verna SX CRDi in few months (in Pune) and I want to make some changes in its audio system. I love to hear songs while travelling but have very less knowledge about them.
I read different threads related to audio system, ICE, etc. but result is, total confusion. [confused] And now I am getting scared for those technical words from this audio-video department, words like, DIN, 2 -4 channel, watts, rms, preouts, their connection calculations etc. etc. [sad] [sad]

I don’t like the quality of existing speakers. And my condition is like below,
• I should get clear sound in low as well as high volume (not very high).
• It should not be extremely powerful but should be best in his range.
• Speakers should be good to hear from inside.
• I don’t want to spoil my warranty by making any mistakes.
• My budget is around 30k & can be increased a bit.
• I don’t want to share my boot space for sub but if sub will be necessary, then may be I can adjust some space for it.

I have some basic n simple questions to ask, hope you will help me for my queries,
• What changes need to be made in existing audio system
• If I’ll add amp or sub to existing speakers then will they perform good or do I need to change them also.
• If yes, then what should I do with those 4+2 speakers.
• I think changing a HU will cost much more. Does it is required to change it.
• Can I fit any sub on rear board which is in between rear seat & rear glass (I don’t know what to call it) or should I add two good quality speakers there.
• Do I need to add hi-low converter & fuse.
• What is 3 way speakers & its benefits.

Which speakers, amp, sub should I buy? Please suggest with brand, model & price. I’ll go with your suggestions only because I don’t have any knowledge about this & I know they can fool me easily. Also, suggest other things like which cables, how to connect them (I read something like coaxial, parallel, crossover connections).

Car: Hyundai Verna Fluidic SX CRDi

Location: Pune

Budget Range: 30-35k

Looking For: Upgrade

Preferred Brands: No

Preferred Music Type: Mostly Hindi

Current Audio Setup: default one, which comes with the car (4+2 speakers)

Miscellaneous Details: given above

Any Query in Particular: given above

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