Attending an Automotive Launch / Exhibition? Read This!

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Sep 7, 2014
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Attending an Automotive Launch/Exhibition? Read This!

All of us here love bikes and cars to the core and wouldn’t mind talking or researching about them in our free time or even otherwise with our friends and family quite often. We automotive enthusiasts always look forward for new launches of the year be it a bike, car or public transport vehicle like buses and trucks. We often visit to automotive exhibitions and launches too irrespective whether they are glamorous or normal. The main aim is to have a closer look of the newly launched vehicle. This article basically highlights the general ways of effective conduct as a enthusiast/ representative at the automotive launch/exhibition.

I have been following the automotive launches regularly and would like to share my experience in general about these launches. What I have observed is that people generally are inclined more towards the launch of cars and if it’s a luxury car then it’s an icing on the cake. Brands like Maruti, Hyundai, Honda etc do participate with their vehicles and mind you their launch events are no less than superb with the professionals, enthusiasts and automotive journalists coming together and sharing knowledge. These launches offer an intellectual insight in the respective cars with whole lot of details being shared by representatives of the auto-brand in terms of technicalities and comfort.

Coming to the 2 wheeler launches, In India, what my observation is, that launch of a 2 wheeler is not that well-recalled as that of a 4 wheeler. The turn out on 2 wheeler stalls in exhibitions is comparatively less than the turn out in 4 wheeler stalls. However, since the people throng in 4 wheeler stalls, it is always advisable for an enthusiast to pay equal attention to both 2 and 4 wheeler whether at a launch event or at an automotive exhibition. Biking enthusiasm in India has grown manifolds and all thanks to various brands like Bajaj, KTM, Kawasaki, Honda, Harley Davidson, Triumph, Enfield etc who have launched such brilliant and enthusiast friendly bikes that one loves to have a Dekho at their stall and definitely pay a visit to their respective launch events. They have undoubtedly struck a chord of mutual admiration with every enthusiast.

Talking about the Commercial Vehicle Launch, Commercial Vehicles form the base of transportation industry in any country and even India is no different. Hence, every automotive enthusiast should show equal excitement and participation spirit in visiting commercial vehicle exhibitions and launch event. I had the honor of attending a commercial vehicle launch of a renowned brand, Eicher, as media representative of our forum and I was really astonished to learn about an almost new dimension in automotive knowledge i.e the commercial vehicle. I am telling you, that event was a really enlightening event in terms of knowledge and the media shoot of the vehicle after the presentation. The automotive journalists and enthusiasts like me were warmly welcomed and got to see such a well executed event.

Friends, The reviews, the test drives are the next step for knowing the newly launched vehicle. The first hand insight that one may gain about any vehicle is through the launch and unveiling event of that respective vehicle. As I have been frequenting to them so would like to provide certain suggestions as to how to attend an automotive exhibition/ launch or unveiling event;

• Always carry a copy of the official invite. In case there is no invite then do mention the name of the publication/forum/entity you are representing.

• Always carry a pad and a pen. Anything that you may need to write can be done. Though all brands do provide pen and paper but its always good to be prepared from your side.

• Make sure that you reach on time to the event/exhibition. Late comers are not barred or anything but chances of missing out the event highlights are there.

• Never push for a media kit. The brands politely shall oblige you with their kit before entering the event.

• Always be courteous to the attending staff at the event. As much as you are excited to attend so are they trying to make the event a memorable experience for you with their best efforts.

• Always accommodate everyone who is there to attend the event. Never argue for seats and rows. There is always sufficient seating arrangement done by the brands for the media representative and enthusiasts at launch events.

• Do not push the journalists for taking photographs of vehicles. Politely and patiently wait for the space and for sure you’ll get a good chance to click pictures.

• At the launch, make sure you are formally dressed. A decent code of dressing is always welcome and much appreciated. Informal and Casual dressing does not impress at large.

• Keep your cell-phone in vibration mode since calls interfere with the event proceedings. At times it also disturbs the flow of communication.

• Always wait for your turn once you have a question to ask. The microphone shall be handed over to you surely. Always thank the professional who replies to you.

• Food and Beverage are always on the house at a launch event. So if you are foodie then you may surely sample the cuisine. But at the same time, ethical way of eating and serving in your plate should be followed.

So Friends, These are just some humble suggestions from a learner’s side. A small set of thoughts for the beginners who wish to attend an automotive event in times to come as official media representatives. I am sure with the above suggestions your experience at any forthcoming launch event will definitely be the best and shall also help you conduct yourself in the most comfortable way at the launch. Always respect the opportunity of being an official representative.

The Automotive India does provide an exclusive chance to represent it at any automotive event in India/abroad. For details do refer to this link.

Also, an insightful article about the conduct of the official vehicle reviews is shared by the core team. Do have a look at this link.

I would like to conclude here by a simple saying, Always live your passion in life. Maybe other hobbies will take a back-seat with time but passion is always there by your side.


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