Are Maruti Genuine Accessories (MGA) Overpriced / Worth it?

Apr 4, 2012
If your wagon-r is under warranty don't go for relays.There can be an issue with warranty.You need to speak with your local MASS and if possible get the 100/90 setup installed from them.

If you want to play it safe you can go for the more light options from Philips and Osram.

I had already explained this in my previous post #80.

Check post #80 again.I have told you that they aren't that great for illumination.Even if you plan on using 100w bulbs in the stock fog lamps you will need relays.

As Varun has mentioned the stock kit comes with the entire wiring harness so it is easier to fit as opposed to after market.If the stock kit comes with a relay you can easily use 100w bulbs with them.Varun should be able to clarify this.

As for color of the bulbs(headlight&Foglights),if you want to use it in the Fog/Rains/Bad weather Yellow color is the best.
Oct 16, 2012
As per my exeperience MGA accessories are not worth for the price which we are paying.

I bought one MGA spoiler for my Alto K10 two years before which cost me Rs 3800 . (The same was available for 1200 in out side shope ).

Purchasing story

I called the showroom and enquired about the availability and price. They told me that It is available and If I say the color they will may it ready hence I ordered one.
After 2 days I went to the showroom and left the car for Servicing (2nd free Service) and fixing the spoiler. I got the car back on the same day evening and I shocked while seeing the colour of the spoiler.There is a marginal colour difference between the car and the spiler car. After a fight with the accessories guy they agreed to replace the same after two days.

After two days they Replaced the spoiler with new one. This time the color was intact.

After Two Years

Now the Problem is Paint is comming out from the spoiler. I went to the showroom, Service guys are saying they can't do anything since there is no warrenty for the painting. and they quoted me Rs 1500 for repainting.Then I approched the Accessories guy, Same answer but he quoted me Rs 1000. So ask about the price differnce then the answer was In MARUTI GENUINE ACCESSORIES they wont use plastic primer. I shown the vehicle to a local paint guy and he confirmed that the paint is comming out becuse they were not used plastice primer.

Finally I have put a feedback on Maruti Website. Now the dealer called me and ask to bring the car. I am going to give the car on 7th Jan for the service.

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