Any reviews about Xenos X-440?

Sep 9, 2009
i have the nippon as standard in my scorpio. it may sound good to hear but in my 1.5 years of ownership, it has stopped working thrice, i mean the hooter/siren does not emit any sound! first 2 times, it automatically got rectified but this time, it is not acting good. i am still waiting!

though i wont completely blame the product as this can be a result of many water wading i did in my scorpio in the mumbai rains. water may have gone inside the hooter.
yes, maybe but then- either the design is flawed that water gets in so easily or mahindra is to be blamed that they dint install the hooter in the right place.
Dude i don't think its water that is causing the problem.
What most manufacturers/installers do is poke a hole in the body and mount the hooter and between it they connect the ground wire.Check if the ground wire is perfectly in contact with the car body.

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