All-New Mahindra Thar (2020): Ownership Review

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Apr 7, 2011
Some more of the offroad drive with Terratigers

Hello Sandeep,
I took delivery of our Thar ( LX petrol, manual, hardtop) a couple of days ago and to be honest, driving it is a new experience. I am still getting comfortable with the features and handling (the relatively poor rear visibility where the parking camera is a genuine help) since the parking area in our complex is not lavish. Attaching a couple of photos here. There is one thing that I would like to mention though - after driving the Scorpio for 14 years, driving the Thar is a sublime pleasure! It is smooth (the petrol engine has a lot to do with this I know!) and feels really light, despite its 1700+ kg kerb weight. Must remember this.
We would like to hear from you about the New Thar.
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