All Desires Fulfilled With My Dzire ZDi..

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Dec 9, 2010
Why the Dzire Zdi?

Well before I finalized on buying this. I was confused among these 3 cars - Vento Trendline, Verna 1.4 Ex and Dzire Zdi.

Let's look up how I finalized..

Just after my college(I'm a budding doctor, MBBS is hard).I went to the Volkswagen showroom, took a look at the Vento and oh mahn it had a solid feel. The interiors were of top notch quality and well german engineering speaks for itself. I didnt took a test drive(God knows why? Maybe was tired after college). Trendline model which I chose was pretty basic. No Abs, airbags. Almost nothing.

Just after this I went to checkout the Verna. Verna 1.4 Base came in my budget which had no Abs n airbags. I took the test drive of 1.6 though(Verna's look seduced me to drive it). The pickup was awesome but I knew 1.4 won't have that much bite. It clearly was more spacious than Vento but not as solid as Vento. It was better loaded than Vento's base. Though I found Vento's interior quality higher than Verna.
Here's a twist, I even took a TD of i20. It was the Sportz one which I drove. I guess the basic idea behind i20 is I wanted a fully loaded car. Loved its interior, but its pickup wasnt as much as my outgoing swift. But I was still keeping it in the list.

After this I went to Maruti Suzuki's showroom to just enquire about the waiting period and the on road price of the car.I didnt took a TD as my friend recently got one. So i had driven it already and had all details about it. After this, I straight back went to home, discussed all with dad. I had days before finalising the car as I had to sell my swift before and then buy the new one.

Few days later, I sold my Swift Vdi, 2008 make, 98k driven for 4 Lakhs.

Now I had to buy one ASAP as I needed a car to go to my college and couldnt use dad's innova as he needed one too. Moreover innova for just one traveller is like so boring !

Here comes the Booking part..
So after some serious talk, booked a Vento and was just waitin to find a right day to take it off. My dad really believes in getting car on the perfect dates.

Another TWIST - Then one day, I dont know what made me think about the absence of airbags and abs in my car. After a week or so after booking, asked for a refund and the practical framework just worked through, I needed a safe car as I travel through a busy highway at speeds of 100+. Hence, abs n airbags are must. So only car which satisfied my need of a sedan plus all safety features and tension free after sales services and it was a Dzire Zdi. So booked it off without a single thought and I knew this is the car for me.

When I booked, I wasn't told about the delivery date, was just given a tentative period of 8-10 weeks waiting which was mentioned on the booking receipt. Along with it was given a customer docket which had many helpful info regarding ownership of the car. The sales guy was really enthusiastic when I told that I'm going in for the Zdi, I guess there are less customers for this, Vdi fills in the sales mostly !

I got a call from the agency that a White car is available(was looking for a Silver) and can be delivered in a day or two. Before finalising on white color, I compared both colours by visiting the agency and decided to go for a white because family already had a silver Innova. Moreover I was getting it really early. So I was delivered the car on 18 march booked it on 4 march. So got in 2 weeks(Pretty early, very LUCKY).

The day of DELIVERY..

I walked through, It was standing their gracefully and looked really elegant in White. As this car was specially arranged for us from the showroom's other dealership which is around 140 kms away. So the odo read 142 kms. Just took a look at the car and even decoded its VIN no. and rest was checked thoroughly by our family Driver(He's really good at it). I took cashless insurance from National Insurance provided by agency itself. It took harldy half an hour to get it done.It was time to take it off to the road.

The ex-showroom price was 7,77,000 approx(3rd year warranty inclusive) + 20,000(Insurance) + 2200 approx(4th year extended warranty)= 8,00,000 approx.
This was what I paid at the dealership right away. Road tax will be given later when I will apply for permanent registration which is around 6 percent in Punjab. So it will be around 40-50k more. So on road price will be around 8.5.

Freebies - 5 litre diesel + Car mats. No other discounts.

The on road experience till now..

First impression - As i drove it for the first time. I found it really smooth with soft gear shifts, a light steering and a really soft ride, a treat to drive in the city.

Style and Design - The side profile isn't impressive. The look direct from the back makes me fall in love with it. The front is just as same as the swift. So not that exciting.

Build Quality - It's good but not as good as Vento. Thud feel isnt there. But this one is also built to last.

Design of Interiors - It's really impressive. Just love the black and beidge combination.

Interiors Quality - The quality isnt really that good. It's really friendly to durt.

Comfort Levels - Pretty comfort. More comfortable than the my sold out swift anyday.

A/C Effectiveness - I really love its auto AC,it chills through my spine.

Space Levels - More than my old swift anyday. But cant be compared to those of Vento n Verna, They are much spacious.

Audio System - Loved its design and even sound quality. Lacks bass

Engine Responsiveness - It's really responsive but I found my older swift more responsive(maybe I'm just not pulling it hard, waiting for its 1st service)

Braking - ABS is a delight. Vdi really sucks in braking.

Gearbox - Gear shifts are really soft. LOVE IT totally.

Handling - I loved its handling. It's pretty stable at speeds around 100. I haven't really tried to go above that. Waiting for its 1st service.

Fuel Efficiency - It's around 17km/l till now. Will surely improve once the engine runs in.

Pros -

1. Light steering
2. Smoother gear shifts
3. Soothing interiors
4. Softer ride.
5. ABS is a delight.

Cons -

1. Interior quality is really not good
2. sudden surge of pickup absent. It's pretty linear now.
3. Audio system lacks bass.

I just have the pics of the exterior, will surely upload interior pics soon.


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Jan 4, 2013
Let me be the first one to congratulate! Wish you more miles with her and drive safe. The car is real VFM and we own one in our family too which was bought on Dec 2012 and cloaked 2k Mark.
Mar 27, 2012
Mumbai / Sharjah
Congratulations yahabhiyah. I am quiet fond of the new Dzire unlike the old one. You are also right about the color. White & Black will nevert tire your eyes. You also got a good price for the Swift as the secondhand market is not upbeat at the moment. Take precious care of your white beauty and post from interior pictures. BTW does the ZDi have auto aircon or the manual ones.
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Dec 9, 2010
Bikerb0y & Raja .. Thanks a lot !

srid68.. Thanks buddy.. The second hand market is always open for all the Swift Diesel Bombs[;)]. Zdi comes with auto air conditioning and ill surely upload pics of the interior.

anshuman8.. Thanks.
The sudden surge of power is gone now. It's more of a controlled linear power going through in Dzire.

ambylovers.. Well ill swap with a local alloy dealer if I ever plan but I'm really dicy because the stock alloys kinda suit the overall look of the car and thats keeping me confused !!!

Well I'm now looking for seat covers in leather type stuff not pure leather though in beige color. Many are available in range around 8k of autoform. Comment on its quality. i found its fitting really top notch in my friend's car.

I'm totally into a reverse camera practicality after using it in my Innova which was stock made. So looking to install one in Dzire too. Let me know how to go for it.
Apr 12, 2013
congrats...i have booked ofr one today..i have a doubt can fix the amplifier which i had in my previous car to this one? will the system support it?


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Sep 22, 2009
Belated congrats for your car yahabhiyah. Swift Dzire is indeed VFM and with the upgraded version, it feels lightyears ahead of its rivals. Do post some more pics of your ride.

Wish you lacs of happy miles.

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