6th EV EXPO East 2018 @ Science City, Kolkata

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Sep 7, 2014
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Okinawa Scooters showcases Praise, Ridge & Ridge 30 as the key exhibitor at the 6th edition of EVEXPO EAST 2018

Provides test rides to attendees; leverages platform to promote its ongoing campaign of #iStand to create awareness about environmental issues

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Kolkata, May 15 2018: Okinawa Scooters India’s fastest growing electric two-wheeler manufacturing company, recently showcased three of its top offerings at the 6th edition of the eco-friendly expo on electric vehicles, the EVEXPO EAST 2018. Organised by Altius Auto Solutions, with the support of International Centre for Automotive Technology, the event took place between 11th and 13th May, 2018 at Science City, J.B.S. Haldane Avenue, Kolkata. Okinawa scooters presented its best-in-breed Ridge 30, Ridge and Praise vehicles at the event and also offered test rides to the buyers, sellers, manufacturers, traders, retailers and importers who participated.

Okinawa scooters has been at the forefront of developing highly efficient, powerful and ecologically sustainable electric two-wheelers that have staked their claim as the future providers of India’s mobility requirements. Its products Ridge 30, Ridge, and Praise received an overwhelming response from e-vehicle enthusiasts at the expo, who appreciated the scooters for their performance, sturdiness, and sustainability.

Okinawa scooters also took the opportunity to bolster its ongoing campaign called ‘#iStand” through this event and sought to garner greater support for its endeavours to enhance awareness about environmental issues. EVEXPO EAST 2018 was the perfect confluence of ideas and innovations, dovetailing perfectly with Okinawa scooters’ vision and its campaign that seeks to create a better tomorrow for the future generations of the world.

Commenting on Okinawa’s participation, Jeetender Sharma, Managing Director, Okinawa Scooters, said, “EVEXPO EAST 2018 was the latest event at which we could showcase the efforts Okinawa has made and the solutions we have developed to usher in the e-vehicle revolution in India. We have successfully busted the myth that electric vehicles don’t perform as well as their counterparts run on conventional fossil fuels. Our innovative solutions and designs have become famous across the EV world. This event strengthens our position as India’s leading EV innovator, and the heartening response to our #iStandcampaign makes it clear that the public has great appreciation for the environment and is welcoming to the eco-friendly solutions to our environmental problems that Okinawa is offering.”

The company’s Ridge and Praise product lines are widely acknowledged as the most complete e-scooters available on the market, with a combination of design, functionality, and power bringing a new and more eco-friendly commuting experience for Indians. Showcasing them at EVEXPO aligned perfectly with Okinawa scooters’ larger vision as the event acted as the ideal networking opportunity to connect all the stakeholders of the industry for showing the world that ‘Power can fuel the Future’ by 2030.

About Okinawa Autotech Pvt. Ltd

Founded in 2015 by Mr. Jeetender Sharma - MD and Mrs. Rupali Sharma-Chairperson, Okinawa is one of the fastest growing Indian automobile companies. It creates high-speed e-scooters and bikes. With the Corporate Philosophy of “Power the Change” & providing the “Solution to Pollution”, Okinawa clearly presents its bold stance against the global menace. It manufactures high-speed EVs with the help of state-of-the-art technology.

One of the most prominent USPs of Okinawa’s two-wheelers can travel at a high speed of 55-75km/hour without compromising on the safety quotient. These vehicles thus break the myth of e-scooter not being able to match the performance levels of vehicles running on conventional fuels. Okinawa works on an eco-friendly, sustainable and socially responsible model with an objective of protecting nature through the ‘3 principles’ of Go green, Save Mother Earth and Reduce the Carbon-dioxide imprint on the planet. The company has launched two scooters so far, ‘Ridge’ which has been launch in January ’17 and ‘Praise’ in December ’17.


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