5 Years, 45,000 Kms with My Getz - Hyundai Disappointed Me...


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Feb 8, 2011
Having been driven our age Old Premier 118NE for over 15 yrs, I was ready to buy my first car. In year 2007, I bought Hyundai Getz Prime GVS model in Kolkata.


I wanted to share this across to my friend, only to know, is there anything, which as an owner of the car, I could have done to prevent this...Or anyone who had such similar and frequent incidents of horrible body rust...

Hi Suvo, Just did a bit of google, and looks like you are not the only one with a Getz Prime with a rusting issue.
Check this. Sounds exactly same story.

My 3.5 year old car have extensive rusting!!!!
Yeah, past is past.
But I was shocked to see how could Hyundai do this?? Glad I went for a 'H' instead of 'H', while selecting my new ride.

Any ways, good Luck with your new Maruti on the way.. Wish you many years of trouble free ownership.. Cheers!!
Hi Suvo

I have the exact same problem in my car (2008 Hyundai Getz). The same blotches you've mentioned have appeared on the rear LHS door panel and the moment I noticed it, I knew it was rust underneath. Noticed it after I got my car polished. I haven't taken any action as yet. Noticed it almost a month back but the size of the rust blotch hasn't increased.
Can you please PM and tell me how much the rear door costed and how much you got for your car when you sold it? Mine is the GLE base model though. We're planning on selling our car sometime early next year or mebbe later this year and get a Skoda Rapid in it's place.
oops. Its really sad to know that there were so many victims here. Its really bad in Hyundai's part.

I thought of sharing a info here. Actually in the same period, 2008-10, from my previous company I have been to Hyundai's sub contractor for doors. I have implemented our ERP there and I was there for more than 4 months. They manufacture all doors for Hyundai cars [ I do not know whether he was the only player or some other players also were supplying/manufacturing doors for Hyundai] There the material was supplied by Hyundai and the sub contractor make the door and send it to Hyundai. Everything was automated and the door assembly was completly done by two robots [Stand still Robots].

So the same pattern used to follow with other sub contractors also. I think the material supplied for doors might be very bad
Aug 7, 2012
Really Sad to know the rusting issue, Hyundai have great engines but metal sheet is very much prone to dust. I too have Getz 1.3 GLS, Sep 2004 Model but sheet metal (specially side moulding have most affected rust attack, Doors seems fine but rear hatch door is rusted at various points. In my opinion Hyundai cars have worst sheet metal as compared to other manufacturers. In my locality there is M800 1995 Model and its hard to see any visible rust over it.

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