3 Musketeers on Road Trip (Mumbai - Triambakeshwar - Daman - Shirdi - Lonavala - Mumbai)

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Mar 3, 2017
4 Days -> 3 Trek -> 3 Shrine ->1 Beach -> 1 Hill station

I recall a quote from the ad "Khoob jamega rang jab mil baithenege 3 yarr" which also refers to us. Since our college days Me(Satish Yadav) and two of my friends Ranjeet and Prem have collected a lot of memories. Three of us live in different part of the country, but we used to get together regularly. Ranjeet came to Mumbai this time as I'm staying in Mumbai, with a purpose of visiting Triambakeshwar Temple for Kalsarp Puja(Disclaimer: I don't know anything about puja n all) and he wanted me and Prem to accompany him so we could also make a trip. This trip was totally unplanned, all leaves were on the fly from workplace, destinations, bookings, etc .. Yet in the end, some good memories are lined up to share. The initial plan was to visit Triambakeshwar Temple first after Daman on Saturday and then travel back to Mumbai on Sunday, the plan looks like a pleasant weekend trip but the actual execution extended our 2-day trip in 4 days and the route was the following:

Route: Mumbai-> Triambakeshwar-> Daman-> Shirdi-> Shani Shignapur-> Lonavala-> Mumbai
Car: WagonR
Distance: 1200km

Day-1(Saturday) Brahmagiri Trek
We began our journey from Mumbai on Saturday at 6:30AM and packed our car with snacks, beverages and other items on Friday itself to prevent excessive breaks in tea and snacks. We took our first break on the side of a scenic water body just before Triambakeshwar, the view was mesmerizing with the cool breeze in the lap of nature. We spent almost half an hour there and then back on the road to Triambakeshwar. We reached there at 11AM and spent some time gathering information about the rituals we had to perform for the pooja, first we took bath in the holy kund and then went to the temple by taking vip passes(200/person) as the temple was very crowded.

There was one pandit who helped us out for the pooja in temple and took us to his home for Kalsarp pooja. Ranjeet was getting ready for it as he only has to wear dhoti in the pooja while I and Prem decided to go trekking for Brahmagiri at an altitude of 1,298 m adjacent to Trimbakeshwar, Brahmagiri is the source of the holy Godavari River. Kalsarp pooja was going to take 3 hours and only Ranjeet was allowed in the room for the pooja so we went to the Trek.
The starting phase of the trek was easy as there were steps so we enjoyed it and we also hurried as we had to return in three hours. To reach the top of the trek you have to take a detour on a narrow path but we failed to take that turn and reached the other side where the temple of Godavari was situated. After inquiring about that narrow route, we came down from there and took that narrow path to get to the top of the trek, the rain also accompanied us on the entire trek. We were damn exhausted by that time, but the moment we saw the view from the top it looked so pure and vibrant that it was like a fairyland and we lost in the imagination. Below are some clicks.

Clouds were floating everywhere and acting like a roof, mountains were surrounding us and acting like a wall, there was a flower valley acting like a bed, everything was so beautiful there that words can't do justice to that. It's an exaggeration I know, but I felt so ...

We absorbed the beauty as much as we could and then started to descend, as soon as we reached the base, Ranjeet was also finished with the pooja and we started our journey to Daman after snacks break. At 9:00 p.m. we reached Daman, booked a decent hotel and crashed to bed after dinner as we were damn tired of trekking.

This was our Day 1 filled with the fun of driving, Jyotirling darshan, adventurous trek. Day 2 is set to arrive soon....



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Aug 10, 2009
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Nice start. It brought back the memories of a similar trip I did about a decade ago (Mumbai – Daman – Trimbakeshwar – Shirdi). Looking forward to rest of the travelogue and tons of images.

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Jul 10, 2017
Nice and exciting start,unplanned and quick trips are always memorable.
I had performed KaalSarpyog puja at Nashik.
Do complete your trip details as we are eager to know the rest of your trip.

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