2019 Ford Ecosport Titanium 1.5 TDCi - Canyon Ridge

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Sep 11, 2009
September 2021 - Center Arm Rest Fix

The arm rest was not opening properly and was pushing the back panel out. Removed the back panel, which came off with prying.

2021-09-18 09-40-06.jpg
2021-09-18 09-43-33.jpg
2021-09-18 09-43-29.jpg

One of the hinges has seized and jammed and broke the notch holding the screw.

2021-09-18 09-40-22.jpg

2021-09-18 09-40-29.jpg

Removed and stuck it back, just a drop of superglue. SVC would have replaced the whole armrest (or at least that part if it is available as a child part).

2021-09-18 09-46-26.jpg

Installed. Lubed the hinges to prevent seizing again.

2021-09-18 09-51-24.jpg

Antenna for sensing the key. This will detect a dead key (with low or no battery) when placed inside the glove box.

2021-09-18 09-51-32.jpg

All done.

2021-09-18 09-57-47.jpg
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Sep 11, 2009
November 2021 - 30000 Periodical Service

2021-11-08 20-18-34.jpg

Rotation done with spare wheel. Two-year 30k run MRF.

2021-12-10 22-44-59.jpg

First service since Ford's exit and VAS started intruding in the bill. Wash and vacuum used to be part of the periodical service. There goes a 3M blah-blah pack for a grand. Wiper blades were replaced by them 6 months back and replaced once again. Surprisingly, there was 20% off on wheel alignment and balancing. Dealer was Harry Ford.

Bill split up:


Engine Oil 5W30 - ₹ 309.16 x 4
Fuel Filter Kit - AV6Z9155B - ₹ 1,131.24
Oil Filter - 2S6Z6731D - ₹ 146.82
Drain Plug Gasket - 2S6Z6734B - ₹ 42.65
Wiper Blade RH - K2MZ17528A - ₹ 282.81
Wiper Blade LH - K2MZ17528B - ₹ 244.09
Brake Light Bulb 21/5W - 81AZ13466A - ₹ 99.19
Weight - 6R331040AA0010 - ₹ 29.75 x 4
Windscreen Washer Fluid - 1216529 - ₹ 58.54

Parts Total - ₹ 3361.00


30000 km Periodic Service - A10530000 - ₹ 2,614.88
Interior Enrichment - 3M VAS-008 - ₹ 1,121.00
Wheel Alignment - ₹ 610.00 (₹ 120.00 discount)
Wheel Balancing - ₹ 488.00 (₹ 108.00 discount)

Labour Total - ₹ 4,762.00

Total - ₹ 8,123.00 (inclusive of tax)

Took PUC for the first time [lol]. BS4 with one year validity,
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Sep 11, 2009
March 2022 - Perks of Servicing at Authorized Service Center

Heard a rattling sound when I started the car and it remained in idling, but disappeared on throttling. Thought it would be some engine trouble and umpteen negative thoughts scrolled through my mind. Popped the hood and found a clamp stuck on the side of the engine.

2022-03-11 21-28-35.jpg

Took it out.

2022-03-05 22-34-43.jpg

Clamp for mounting engine cover. Indian version never got the engine cover, but Ford retained the clamp. Global Fiesta had the cover and seen some swaps.

2022-03-11 21-28-03.jpg
2022-03-11 21-28-07.jpg

It sat over the fuel filter. Replaced the fuel filter last service and the morons did the magic. Either didn't install the bolts or didn't tighten it or, worse case, might have dropped the clamp and forgot about it.

2022-03-11 21-28-42.jpg
2022-03-11 21-29-01.jpg

Fresh stock of flange nuts and bolts bought recently.

2022-03-11 21-29-45.jpg

Needed three 10-mm bolts, means three were missing. Even a properly tightened single bolt would have retained the clamp in position.

2022-03-11 21-31-18.jpg

Installed back.

2022-03-11 21-33-16.jpg

5k km and 4 months from date of service.

2022-03-11 22-31-54.jpg

Quick wash for a trip.

2022-03-11 22-34-33.jpg

Return of trip, there was another rattling noise. Took back to Harry Ford and they found something else on the bottom cover, which I have no idea of.

It's always the service centre which ruins a car.
I live by that Moto. And hence my passion to do everything myself, as much as possible.
And I have been proven correct numerous times,on my visits to ASC.
Proven right again and again and again.

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