2019 Ford Ecosport Titanium 1.5 TDCi - Canyon Ridge

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Sep 11, 2009
Typical Ford transmission, but lacks low end. Got nice silver surrounds.

2019-09-29 12-37-37.jpg

Climate control. Got OFF option, which we lacked in Polo. Also got the Max AC, which is quite useful during noon times. Rear defogger controls also in there.

2019-09-29 12-36-53.jpg

2019-09-29 12-37-29.jpg

Got 2 USBs. Left one for charging. Right one for HU.

2019-09-29 12-36-57.jpg

Also got a 12V socket.

2019-09-29 12-37-07.jpg

Rear passenger gets one as well.

2019-09-29 16-44-44.JPG

A useful for nothing cubby hole.

2019-09-29 12-37-49.jpg

AC vents. Sadly none of them are completely closable. Hazard light switch sits neat.

2019-09-29 12-37-55.jpg

2019-09-29 12-38-03.jpg
2019-09-29 12-37-59.jpg
2019-09-29 12-43-57.jpg

Proper RHD controls. 4 intermittent delays.

2019-09-29 12-43-16.jpg
2019-09-29 12-43-13.jpg

Rotary headlight switch. Soft-touch control for foglamp, which needs to be turned on every time the car is restarted. Brightness adjustment for instrument cluster also there.

2019-09-29 12-43-36.jpg

HL height adjuster is again weird. Push to pop and rotate.

2019-09-29 12-48-52.jpg

Below that is a cubby hole

2019-11-25 07-09-42.JPG

which covers the OBD-II port.

2019-11-25 07-09-49.JPG

Under that is the bonnet release.

2019-11-25 07-11-02.JPG

Got a dead pedal as well, boon for highway use.

2019-11-25 07-07-56.JPG
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Sep 11, 2009
A pretty useless arm rest, at least for short guys like me.. Not adjustable.
2019-09-29 12-39-54.jpg

It's quite deep. Previous versions supposedly had a key slot in there.

2019-09-29 12-40-08.jpg

Another cost-cut. Removed the upmarket looking sunglass holder.
2019-09-29 12-38-13.jpg

Rear seat gets individual dome light as well.

2020-01-05 11-45-05.jpg

Quite solid sunvisors.

2019-09-29 12-38-28.jpg
2019-09-29 12-38-32.jpg

Passenger side get the usual airbag warnings

2019-09-29 12-38-42.jpg

and has the vanity mirror and separate light

2019-09-29 12-39-18.jpg

with cleverly designed switch. Automatically turns of when the visor is folded back.

2019-09-29 12-39-07.jpg

Hand brake position may the reason for the fixed armrest.

2019-09-29 12-41-05.jpg

Cup holders and cubbyholes.

2019-09-29 12-40-57.jpg

Glove box. Cramped as well.

2019-09-29 12-45-06.jpg

Separate slot for service book, RC, etc.

2019-09-29 12-45-13.jpg

More savings, glove box illumination missing.

2019-09-29 17-15-24.jpg

Small storage space above glovebox. Passenger airbag above that.

2019-09-29 12-38-07.jpg

Enough space for a cellphone.

2019-09-29 15-07-29.JPG

More space on dashboard, but hindered by the HU screen.

2019-09-29 16-48-42.JPG

Industry standard, hand grip for all 3 passesngers minus the driver.

2019-09-29 16-39-05.JPG
2019-09-29 16-46-27.JPG
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Sep 11, 2009
Theres a document holder under the passenger seat na ?
They removed it as well during last update.

Excelent pics. Please update on the FE you get by tank full to tank full method.
Thanks. I fear that's not gonna happen anytime soon. Always filling 500-1000 and it'll run for about 2 weeks or more. Even the max we do is to Kochi, which won't even take 2k worth of diesel, so.
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Sep 11, 2009
Beige interiors. Was expecting black ones. Loved the black fabric seats of the demo car.

2019-09-29 16-37-35.JPG
2019-09-29 16-37-46.JPG
2019-09-29 16-37-52.JPG

Driver seat height adjustable.

2019-09-29 16-38-05.JPG

Always gets confused with the recliner.

2019-09-29 16-38-08.JPG

Rear leg room is good, but the ride quality is very bumpy.

2019-09-29 16-38-42.JPG
2019-09-29 16-39-46.JPG

Seat fold button, typical Ford, push type.
2019-09-29 16-38-51.JPG

Rear head rests.

2019-09-29 16-38-54.JPG

Front seats are sculpted out for more leg room and comes with pocket on both sides.

2019-09-29 16-40-37.JPG
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Sep 11, 2009
Door pads and dashboard also gets the boring beige theme.

2019-09-29 16-34-31.JPG

Arm rest gets plain plastic inserts. Fabric would have been better.

2019-09-29 16-34-36.JPG

Mirror and power window controls on driver door. Mirror side selectable with soft keys. Mirror fold and window lock got soft keys. Driver door gets auto roll down, rest 3 normal mode.

2019-09-29 12-44-27.jpg

Tweeters integrated with door handle. Door lock again soft keys. Door still unlocks when pulling any of the door locks from inside, which I think is a pretty bad idea.

2019-09-29 12-44-37.jpg

Even passenger side gets the same combo.

2019-09-29 12-44-43.jpg

Yellow LED indicates locked.

2019-09-29 16-45-24.JPG

Passenger side gets single power window switch.

2019-09-29 12-44-47.jpg

A satin silver frame could have added some character to the speaker grill. Speaker is 6-1/2 inch.

2019-09-29 16-34-39.JPG

Door pocket is shallow and flat. Made for standard 1 liter bottle.

2019-09-29 16-34-59.JPG

Takes another 1 liter sideways, which fits a 3-fold umbrella as well.

2019-09-29 17-14-42.jpg

Door handle is hollow, a boon for us. Ease of cleaning and no one would keep anything inside it.

2019-09-29 17-14-31.jpg

Rear door pads.

2019-09-29 16-42-52.JPG

No proper door pockets, but got a bottle holder. Instead gets the seat pocket.

2019-09-29 16-43-21.JPG

Plain-jane door handle. No lock/unlock button.

2019-09-29 16-43-26.JPG

Simple power window switch.

2019-09-29 16-43-30.JPG

and similar simple hollow door handle.

2019-09-29 16-43-41.JPG

Old-school door locks as usual. They could've added a soft key function on the driver door since they have got necessary hardwares in.

2019-09-29 16-46-11.JPG

Thick C-pillars. Claustrophobic effect reduced by the quarter glass.

2019-09-29 16-46-31.JPG

A-pillar blinds as usual.

2019-09-29 16-46-43.JPG

Both HU and MID got door ajar warning. HU warning annoying at times, especially when we are meddling with the system.

2019-09-29 15-11-58.jpg

2019-09-29 13-08-15.jpg
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Sep 11, 2009
Comes with blue backlit all over the car.

2019-09-29 15-00-42.jpg

2019-09-29 14-57-37.JPG
2019-09-29 15-00-14.jpg
2019-09-29 15-00-17.jpg
2019-09-29 15-00-28.jpg
2019-09-29 15-00-33.jpg

2019-09-29 19-00-35.jpg
2019-09-29 19-00-53.jpg
2019-09-29 19-01-10.jpg
2019-09-29 19-01-41.jpg
2019-09-29 19-02-04.jpg
2019-09-29 19-02-10.jpg

IRVM is dimmable.

2019-09-29 15-07-36.JPG

Rearview is okay comparing a sedan.

2019-09-29 15-07-40.JPG

The OE fabric mats. Would replace with 3D mats, since these are of no use. Part number GN15-B13086-NAW. Got holes to lock it in place. Ignore the dirt, rain outside.

2019-09-29 16-35-32.JPG
2019-09-29 16-35-36.JPG
2019-09-29 16-35-44.JPG

2019-09-29 16-36-14.JPG

Rear ones.

2019-09-29 16-40-17.JPG

Normal rubber pedal covers. S variant comes with aluminium pedals, which is available in accessories.

2019-09-29 16-36-28.JPG

Demister lines. Wiper automatically engages when you slot into Reverse when front wiper is running. That's a nice touch.

2019-09-29 16-41-47.JPG

Not as detailed as Tatas.

2019-09-29 16-42-20.JPG
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Sep 11, 2009

Boot is kind of hatchback-ish. Still LHD market style opening. Boot lid carved out to improve space. Supported by gas-filled strut.

2019-09-29 14-17-07.JPG

Wheel-well eats into the boot space, but compensated by height.

2019-09-29 14-17-34.JPG
2019-09-29 14-17-50.JPG

Dumbest deletion by Ford. Removed the Split 60/40 seat from Titanium and this one doesn't fold flat too [frustration] Owner's manual doesn't seem updated. The bench needs to be flipped per manual for flat fold, but the bench is now fixed for all variants below Titanium+

2019-09-29 14-21-27.JPG

Courtesy lamp when boot is open.

2019-09-29 14-53-17.jpg

Boot lamps and carry bag hook.

2019-09-29 14-21-49.JPG

Latch access for Polo-style brake lamp assembly removal.

2019-09-29 14-22-04.JPG

Foldable floor mat, eliminating the need for listing up the whole thing, in other cars.

2019-09-29 14-22-52.JPG

Access to reflector and tools.

2019-09-29 14-22-46.JPG

Removable parcel tray.

2019-09-29 16-40-46.JPG

The whole boot gets the felt-carpet treatment.

2019-09-29 16-40-52.JPG
2019-09-29 16-40-58.JPG

Dampeners for parcel tray.

2019-09-29 16-41-39.JPG

Boot mat that came with the essential kit.

2019-09-29 14-18-53.JPG

2019-09-29 14-23-57.JPG

Part number - GN1JR 45456 AB3JA6

2019-09-29 14-24-05.JPG

Got Velcro underlining to hold it in place.

2019-09-29 14-24-13.JPG

The bumper top gets dirty real quick.

2019-09-29 16-34-03.JPG
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Sep 11, 2009
Its pathetic that ford is deleting great features like that , and also lumbar support .
Deletion from 2018 Titanium variant.

Chrome inner door handles.
Black fabric interiors.
Soft fabric door arm rest.
Split and flat fold rear seat.
Leather gear knob (across all variants)
Sporty alloy pedals
Under seat storage.
Sun glass holder and reading lamps.
Rear arm rest with cup holder.
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Sep 11, 2009
Rest of the stuff in the Boot:

Under the mat neatly tucked in two layers, the reflector, jack, wheel spanner, tow hook and the spare wheel key.

2019-09-29 14-19-26.JPG

2019-09-29 14-20-09.JPG

2019-09-29 14-20-01.JPG

Always love this black jack.

2019-09-29 14-32-05.JPG

2019-09-29 14-25-45.JPG

All instructions - short and to point.

2019-09-29 14-25-51.JPG

Finally Ford left some vendor name in it. Normally it would be FoMoCo. Jack part number AN15-17080-BB FGNKA21E19

2019-09-29 14-26-20.JPG

Wheel spanner.

2019-09-29 14-25-54.JPG

2019-09-29 14-27-43.JPG

Doubles as jack spanner.

2019-09-29 14-26-02.JPG

Part # FN15-17035-AA EQPLD

2019-09-29 14-28-09.JPG

2019-09-29 14-29-01.JPG

Spare wheel lung nut key.

2019-09-29 14-27-50.JPG
2019-09-29 14-27-55.JPG

Tow hook.

2019-09-29 14-29-07.JPG

Need to pop up covers, but I don't see a screw driver in the kit for that.

2019-09-29 14-29-26.JPG
2019-09-29 14-29-15.JPG

Finally, the reflector.

2019-09-29 14-30-05.JPG
2019-09-29 14-30-50.JPG

Made by Minda. No Ford specific part number.

2019-09-29 14-32-37.JPG

Even the thermocol base got part number and I'm very perverted with these numbers [lol]
CN15-17005-A-PIA-01 and CN15-17005-A-PIA-02

2019-09-29 14-32-17.JPG

2019-09-29 14-32-08.JPG
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Sep 11, 2009
Owners Manual and Quick Guide. Part # GN15-19G219-ZCD

2019-09-29 12-46-15.jpg
2019-09-29 12-46-24.jpg

First service at 2500 km or 3 months, which ever first

2019-09-29 13-04-14.jpg
2019-09-29 13-04-28.jpg

Extended period maintenance kept in mind. All intervals mentioned.

2019-09-29 13-04-53.jpg
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Sep 11, 2009
More into the HU

It's a FlyAudio 9 inch head unit

Displays the date and time when it's off.

2019-09-29 10-56-37.jpg

Welcomes with Ford logo. Gotta check scope for customization options.

2019-09-29 10-57-02.jpg
2019-09-29 10-57-14.jpg

Music sources.

2019-09-29 10-57-54.jpg

When played from USB.

2019-09-20 21-30-21.jpg

Radio. Can store 10+10 of FM and AM channels.

2019-09-29 13-00-10.jpg

Settings screen.

2019-09-29 13-00-16.jpg

Easily tunable to your taste.

2019-09-29 13-00-22.jpg

Limited preset equalizers. No rock. So prefer custom.

2019-09-29 13-00-28.jpg

Supports FLAC

2019-09-29 13-18-33.jpg

Door ajar warning. Annoying at times. Could have made it a small icon or quarter of the screen.

2019-09-29 14-08-55.JPG

When played from Bluetooth. No album art, but ID3 tags are there. Shows phone battery and range.

2019-09-29 15-03-58.JPG

Display modes. Blue for day and black for night. I chose always dark.

2019-09-29 15-04-50.JPG

That looks cleaner than the boring blue.

2019-09-29 15-03-29.JPG

Home screen. There is a compass as well, which will be replaced with direction when sat-nav is on.

2019-09-29 15-05-04.JPG

Call quality is great. No need to yell for my ultra soft voice [lol]

2019-09-29 15-05-39.JPG

Video playback is also good. Works only when car is stationary. Cuts off at 7 kmph.

2019-09-29 18-52-11.jpg

All basic yet necessary stuff got hard keys. Screen off is a boon. Can save from pesky kids.

2019-09-29 19-02-48.jpg

Quick guide.

2019-09-29 17-27-29.JPG

Supported formats and codecs. No MKV support like most OEMs.

2019-09-29 17-28-20.JPG

FlyAudio manufacturer details.

2019-09-29 17-30-23.JPG
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Sep 11, 2009
Sat nav.

2019-09-29 12-54-11.jpg

NaviMaps. Ford promises 4 map updates in 2 years' time from date of purchase.

2019-09-29 12-55-43.jpg


2019-09-29 12-55-29.jpg

Option to explore the map and set the destination.

2019-09-29 12-54-31.jpg

Also got the usual QWERTY keyboard.

2019-09-29 13-02-28.jpg
2019-09-29 13-02-48.jpg
2019-09-29 13-02-58.jpg

Home screen when Nav is running.

2019-09-29 13-03-11.jpg

Shows all the road signs in warning triangle.

2019-11-10 21-12-21.jpg

Shows speed limits and warns with beep.

2019-11-10 21-47-14.jpg

Animation pops up when there is a deviation, reduces confusion.

2019-11-10 21-42-41.jpg

Reverse cam.

2019-09-29 17-35-16.jpg

Reverse sensor display in the corner.

2019-09-29 13-06-53.jpg

2019-09-29 13-06-58.jpg
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Sep 11, 2009
Last part - Scroll through the MID.

2019-09-29 12-32-01.jpg

Press Start without clutch and accessories activated.

2019-09-29 12-32-30.jpg

Odo with trip computer. Average mileage, speed and distance covered plus the outside temperature.

2019-09-29 12-33-30.jpg

Trip computer was set as default.

2019-09-29 12-33-41.jpg

My view is configurable.

2019-09-29 12-33-33.jpg

Enter the setting and most of the electrical of the car is customizable here.

2019-09-29 12-33-37.jpg

Display setting.

2019-09-29 12-33-54.jpg

Basically language and units.

2019-09-29 12-33-58.jpg

Next one driver assistance. Just reverse sensor ON/OFF. Didn't check whether camera would be turned off as well.

2019-09-29 12-34-07.jpg

Last one vehicle settings.

Main one was auto engine off. Think it was to turn off when key was out.

2019-09-29 12-34-16.jpg

Lock setting.

2019-09-29 12-34-33.jpg

Auto lock enables locking when doors not open for 45 seconds after unlocking or when it's past 20 km/h.
Auto unlock when engine is turned off.
Mislock chirp when door is not properly closed and tried to lock or the key is away.
Unlocking option for all doors and driver door only.

2019-09-29 12-34-26.jpg


2019-09-29 12-34-39.jpg

Only autofold. Mirror can be closed with the soft key.

2019-09-29 12-34-36.jpg


2019-09-29 12-34-43.jpg

Courtesy wipe with washer.
Reverse wiper activates rear wiper when wiper is on and reverse gear engaged.

2019-09-29 12-34-46.jpg
2019-09-29 12-35-14.jpg

Can set either of the two as default.

2019-09-29 12-35-17.jpg

Can configure trip meters as well.

2019-09-29 12-35-23.jpg
2019-09-29 12-35-26.jpg
2019-09-29 12-35-32.jpg

Door open warning in addition to the one on HU.

2019-09-29 13-08-25.jpg

When key is out of car.

2019-09-29 17-17-23.jpg

When car is started.

2019-09-29 17-33-01.jpg

Gear shift indicator. Could've been a big flashing arrow. This is hard to notice.

2019-11-10 22-21-11.jpg

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