16 GB High Speed Pen Drive – Suggestions

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Oct 3, 2011
i need a 16Gb pen drive (hi speed) for daily data transfer (movies & hd video songs), i download daily about 4-5gb data from internet. i have a pen drive sandisk cruzer fit 8gb. the data writing speed is slow, but reading is good. but i manage with it because m using it for playing songs in my car (so less data to copy) i need ur help to buy a pen drive with fast speed. portable harddisk wont work, because can't keep every time in pocket.


Oct 2, 2011
Re: Fast pen drive

Speed of the pendrive depends on lot of factors, mostly the computer's USB port you are using. nevertheless Transcend has always backed me up from 2005 onwards (256 MB) still works great. I have many more from many companies and all works the same. To mach current trend you may try out are corsair voyager and verbatim (both are good, keep in mind that you should also check the guarantee conditions too). try to avoid Sony micro vault(Sandisk also, buy only from a reputed dealer if you must have Sandisk) as there are lot of duplicates are in the market. i don't have any new-gen transcend so i can't comment on that.

Earlier times the manufacturers used to provide CD-ROMS with pendrives giving us tools to format the pendrive if there be a need. now to cut costs they have stopped giving anything.

Please note that the write cycle is limited on every flash memory (due to its architecture) when compared to magnetic media(HDD).
Some tips on efficient pendrive operation

1. never leave it running in the PC/LAPTOP without using it, you might have noticed it getting hot. so plug it when you need it. the heat and poser surges can kill it
2. always use safe remove (in windows and Linux too), so that the power supply to the drive is killed before you remove it.
3. if you have to format it use only "quickformat" as a full format writes to every sector.
4. do not expose these to extreme conditions (humidity etc.)
5. please remember the pendrive does not cost much, but your DATA inside is very important so keep one more copy of it.

the companies can give you only a replacement pendrive not your data that you lost with it.
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