101 BMWs booked in one day in Aurangabad

Jul 16, 2010
Hey bro the link is not opening for me! Who booked the cars?
After 150 mers now 101 BMWs. Wow !!!.

Here is the content from the link:

Aurangabad: History was created on Sunday in Aurangabad when the young entrepreneurs including builders, industrialists, doctors and other professionals booked 101 BMW cars in a single day.
Pankaj Agrawal, one of the young industrialists said that the reason behind the mass booking was to put the name of their city in front of the world along with availing group discounts.
"The main aim of making a group of 101 BMW was that by doing so we would receive good support from the company, there would be quantity discount which is not possible individually. And the most important thing is that …Aurangabad would be known on a word level. These were our main intentions behind this group booking," said Agrawal.

He further added that Aurangabad city has a lot of hidden potential which is now being unleashed.
"There is lot of potential in Aurangabad city which was hidden till now. Now everybody is unleashing those potentials," said Agrawal.
This is the second time that the city's businessmen have become part of a record automobile deal. Earlier this year on October 14, 150 Mercedes cars were purchased in Aurangabad in a single day.
Jun 10, 2010
Maharashtra, India
Nope guys, the TOI has been reported to have issued a clarification today saying that no bookings have been confirmed. This has been reported to have been confirmed by the Local BMW dealer.

Wonder how the BMW boffins are reacting to the embarrassment of jumping the gun on this one!

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