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Below are a few straight from the heart testimonials which are either directly sent to us or posted on forums.

Well how to begin! It was a pleasant night of September 2014 when I was browsing the net as usual and paid a visit as an off-line member to The Automotive India. Registered on it and to my surprise got an instant approval which was a very rare yet happy surprise. Right from day 1 till now as I write, It has been a journey filled with knowledge, respect, support, acknowledgment and motivation for me with the team here. Sincerity and respect towards a member’s contribution is something to be learnt from TAI by other boards. Willingness to support the members to get a grip of the forum by the core team has been superb and I really appreciate that. Vibhor; You did a good job by coming up with this interactive forum. Many good wishes for its long and successful journey ahead. Thanks for accepting me as a part of the TAI family. – Akash1886

Just because of TAI, buying experience of Maruti Ertiga was so smooth. When we bought Chevrolet Spark in 2011, we didn’t even had knowledge about VIN, PDI, manufacturing date etc. Just had knowledge about color, CC, BHP, Price and average. Now many of my colleagues get advice from me and I smartly check it at TAI. – Ertiga_ZMR

Got a free body wash and dash board clean / shine at 3M. All this was after the executive saw and recognised the TAI sticker. Thanks! – Varun560061

Brilliant contribution from members and support of mods, TAI remains best. – Jayadev

I am new to The Automotive India (TAI), also very happy to say one thing about TAI is “AUTO GUIDE” more helpful to select ‘correct car’ and gave more info about car, maintenance and pricing. Thanks to TAI – Golo

The AGM workshop Mr bhosale actually knew about TAI and he says he regularly follows this when he gets time. Thanks to TAI i got some special attention while the car was being diagnosed! – fusion_defusion

I pay my sincere thanks to my TAI members for getting wide knowledge about the accessories and the market, like bargains, technical etc. I proudly say that TAI is a ready reckon for all the new car buyers like me to get utilized the features for conclusion. – selvan

First of all A BIG THANKS for all your effort and time spent to help me.
This forum is just awesome. Like ONE family. – basis

Before I start writing about my initial impressions of being a proud owner of my new car, my sincere and heartfelt thanks to TAI including all members, moderators and existing owners who have shared their car experiences. I have to say this: TAI has made my first car buying experience an unforgettable one. – vroom

Very glad that I joined this forum and very very proud to be part of it. One thing I have noticed here is unlike few other auto forums, the enthusiasm level never drops. Always interesting topics and threads will be floating around. Very nice fellow TAIans as well. And special thanks / congrats to moderators for their superb efforts to keep the forum clean from spams. I have to say moderation is top notch. TAI mobile version is also awesome. Looking ahead for exciting motoring times ahead. – carfreak

I’m online on The Automotive India everyday for over four hours. It’s a beautiful feeling to be a part of the community. Knowing so many people out there to help each other gives you and your car a sense of security for sure. – Suvo

Congrats to TAI! It will prosper more in the future and fellow TAI’ans are very much suggestive and cooperative. I mostly use the mobile version and TAI is exciting in mobile too. All thanks to 350z, Akash, and other mods who has made this place vere informative. Proud to be a TAI’ian.
Cheers to TAI! – gears1313

Well, Seeing the TAI sticker on my car the S.A as well as Service Personnel asked me whether I am working for Press, He asked me about TAI. I was really happy at that moment. The extra care was taken on my vehicle and I was offered a complimentary Parker Pen too! – Mukesh (mukeshus)

I have been going through some of the threads in this forum from 2-3 months. Particularly on Scorpio threads. The information shared are very informative and helped me to decide on the buy. It is serving for good prospective customers and shared their exp. – white-rhino

Hi every one I’m from Sri Lanka which is your neighboring country. I must say im so pleased to find a forum which has posts only about the automobiles and accessories. Weeew.. Im thrilled. – kamalb

Before I begin, I would like to thank TAI for giving me the opportunity to share my experience and also all the TAI’ans, who have shared their thoughts and opinions, which helped in buying this car. – avindu.

After purchasing my Fiat Punto, I was searching for some automobile community and fortunately stumbled upon The Automotive India. Since then I’m addicted to this place. In the beginning I thought that it’s just one of the many forums around, but after greatly helpful and friendly interactions with members, I found TAI to be very interesting. The Automotive India has provided me enough of knowledge about all aspects of automobiles and I’m sure that like me, others too enjoy discussing with many like-minded people here. Wishing all the very best to TAI for future. – Ravi (RSM)

The Automotive India is the best forum I’ve came across yet and needless to say that I’m really finding good as well as fortunate to be here. In other forums where I’ve been earlier, their attitude is not acceptable; rather they are not even worth visiting. Nevertheless, I have TAI where each member is very helpful and friendly; also I receive immediate information on whatever thread I create. At the end, All I’d say is that TAI helped me to decide on new car which I’m definitely enjoying to own and drive. – Praveen (anuprav)

First of all, I’d like to take this opportunity to congratulate all members of The Automotive India for taking it to such a high level. This probably surpasses many forums which began as a small ones like TAI. The quality of posts and threads has tremendously shot up so fast and I can only feel very proud to be a part of this forum. I can tell all my relatives as well as friends about TAI and not feel ashamed or scared in any way. I really love this place, It’s like a second family to me. All I can end with is: Go TAI!! No milestone is too hard to achieve. Let’s aim for all the possible ones! – Archit (type-r)

Well even me am a member only in this automotive forum , no other! I believe we are more addicted to this place than even other social networking sites! I rarely log into Orkut these days and even if i do login its a matter of only few minutes.. – cooldhaya

Hi ! I am Manjit from Goa & its my pleasure to be a part of TAI along with you all. Moreover I see it as a family with like minded people ready to help each other with individual experience & knowledge. – Goaboy

Came across this forum in 2017 and there is no looking back since then, there’s not even a single day that goes by without visiting my second home TAI. Thank you for approving my membership. Every day I learn something new. Even my Tigor says,”You are following a TAI-GER”. – Nirmalendu Rajbangshi

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