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droy 18th August 2017 11:46 AM

Independence Day - A Short Ride To Sanchi
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Its been a long time that I have posted here. Being away from India for last 3 years for my job didn't had the chance to participate much. Back in home in July, there was a itch to go for a bike ride. My Pulsar 200cc (1st Generation model) was practically kept in home without any run, though it was serviced at the local garage. After coming back the first thing was to service the bike, put a new battery and there she is running as in excellent condition. The only thing is to change the tyres as the grip is not there and I realised this during my ride in which some instance it became sort of risk.

As for the ride being 15th August, I thought its great to go this ride on this special day.

Since wanted to visit the Sanchi Stupa, as its a nearby place on a hill top surrounded by lush green forest. The distance form my home to Sanchi stupa is aroung 65km.

About some details of Sanchi Stupa-
(The 'Great Stupa' at Sanchi is the oldest structure and was originally commissioned by the emperor Ashoka the Great in the 3rd century BCE.[4] Its nucleus was a hemispherical brick structure built over the relics of the Buddha.[4][5] It was crowned by the chatra, a parasol-like structure symbolising high rank. The old stupa was later covered when it was expanded under the Shungas.)-Source Wikipedia.

droy 18th August 2017 08:00 PM

Re: Independence Day - A Short Ride to Sanchi
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I started at 5:45am, passing through the Bhopal bypass road connecting to the Vidisha Sanchi SH. On the route refuelled the bike comfortably to complete the journey. The bypass road with little bit of twist and turns gave a much needed pleasure.The roads were in excellent condition enough to open the throttle. Covered the bypass road in 25 min to touch the SH connecting to Sanchi. The road to Sanchi was a single lane highway with moderate traffic. Lot of government vehicle was seen to come towards Bhopal mostly to attend the Independence Day ceremony. The road was not in great condition but it enough to ride in the range of 70km/hr-80km/hr.Reached Sanchi at 7:40am. After paying entrance ticket to hill top.

The area surrounding the Stupa is calm and full of greenery and the exact place to spend your early morning. Took long walk to see the beauty of the sacred place. The flag hosting ceremony was conducted by the ASI and the MP Tourism team.

There's a MP Tourism restaurant on the foot of the hill where good food with decent price is served. Had aloo pratha with assam tea.T he taste and the ambience is 8/10 rating. The service was pretty fast.

The pictures will do the next bit of talking giving the nature beauty.

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