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fusion_defusion 27th June 2017 11:28 AM

Konkan Sojourn - Alibag / Kihim: Nice Place...Horrible Roads
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Me and my wife were thinking for a long getaway for a nice weekend trip(dapoli was in the books, I inquired about the route to take in this forum, but the 26th off for my wife was dicey) , we knew that Monday (26th) is an off but wife's manager had put her on standby so we could not plan untill 22nd when she came to know that she is not required to be in office on 26th. So we looked around google maps and thought why not Alibaug? it was a unanimous "YES" from both of us and then we started internet searches for hotels. Everything was booked but we managed to find a room at Hotel Sealand-Kihim. Everything was settled, my ride needed no attention as she was in good shape and well prepared for this journey.

We departed on 24th morning at 6 AM. The route taken was

Pune(via e.way)->Khalapur Toll exit->Pen->Vadkhal->Kihim

Everything was nice until a point where you have to turn right at Karlekhind T section. Road from Karlekhind till the junction where it meets "Alibag-Revas" road is really horrible. The road name is "Thal" road. The pot holes have grown into craters. You have to be very careful, some of the craters have graduated to "Valleys" , GC anything less than 165mm is prone to scraping. Avoid plying on that road and instead take the road which circumnavigates via alibaug. The alternate road which comes around alibaug is fairly long but then you prevent your car from getting damaged. I lost the alignment, the fuel tank and sump were scrapped once on those craters, thankfully i was doing only 1 kph at that time and nothing bad happened.

While returning I came back via alibaug. Time taken while going to kihim was 3 hours(without pit stops) and while coming back it took 30 mins extra for that long detour via alibaug but worth. Although the roads around alibag are still bad, I would say they will degrade more now because of the monsoon and it's really pouring over there.

So avoid Alibaug/Kihim during this season!.

Fuel Economy: Up until Karlekhind the FE on MID was showing 25.9 kpl. The FE now after the overall trip is 24.3 and all this is MID. I still need to refuel and see what the TFTF figures are.

Some pictures from the journey...Enjoy!

souvikjana83 30th June 2017 12:51 PM

Re: Konkan Sojourn - Alibag / Kihim: Nice Place...Horrible Roads
Did you eat at Sanman Restaurant?? Best place for Mutton Sukha and Fish dishes at Alibaug..

fusion_defusion 30th June 2017 03:19 PM

Re: Konkan Sojourn - Alibag / Kihim: Nice Place...Horrible Roads
I had thought to eat over there but the road condition between Alibag and Kihim is not nice either. So after spending the day over beach including lunch, we used to have dinner at hotel.I was scared to drive in those potholes after 7 PM. May be next time when the roads are good.[;)]

macsvin 30th June 2017 03:28 PM

Re: Konkan Sojourn - Alibag / Kihim: Nice Place...Horrible Roads
Where did you stay? Can you update your review on stay options there as well?

fusion_defusion 30th June 2017 04:09 PM

Re: Konkan Sojourn - Alibag / Kihim: Nice Place...Horrible Roads
I stayed at Hotel Sealand-Kihim. Charges per night 3000 a/c room without meals. A fish thali costs about 300 and chicken thali around 280 if you plan to eat there, you will have to give food order before leaving the hotel both for lunch and dinner. The food was really nice, not sure how the vegetarian food tastes.

If you prefer small eats, they have very limited options(though i never ordered any). Intercom phones are there but no connection so the good old "bhaiyya" will be your primary mode of communication only if your room is closer to the kitchen. Otherwise ring the cell of caretaker and he will take care of everything. The room which I stayed in was neat a/c was perfect bed was nice, the blankets were "ok".

Overall the place is nice and very close to the beach, literally 5 mins walking distance. Kihim beach is ok, but do not venture more than 10 fts into the sea as there are rocks and during high tide the rocks submerge under water and you may injure yourself. There is small grocery shop on the way to the beach. Comes to the rescue just in case your forgot your toothbrush/paste or your shaving kit and you need buy one. Yes, you are right, I forgot my shaving kit[:)] not that i cant live without shaving for a day but then there's a sudden urge to shave knowing that you don't have a shaving kit[lol]

So if you are thinking to go there with your own conveyance, keep in mind the roads are pathetic, ferry service from India gate has been stopped due to monsoon. If you are planning to go by public transport, once you reach the ST stand there are plenty of ricks's available to take you anywhere(negotiate well though) these ricks are also available on call, so take his number when you reach. But even if you forget, the hotel's caretaker will call one for you.

That's pretty much about it.

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