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Mathew 30th August 2016 11:45 PM

Tourist Attractions Inside Kerala
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This thread is dedicating to those who intend to visit places in Kerala. Kerala, Gods on Country is blessed with greenery on almost all months except a few during March to May. The monsoon starts from June and continue till November or December. It is worth visiting certain Tourist attractions during these days. In this thread, we are detailing few of the attractions.

1. Coracle Rafting or Bowl Boat Riding At Adavi Eco Tourism
Konni - Thannithodu Road, Konni
Pathanamthitta District
Kerala 689699,
Phone: +91 468 224 7645
Hours: Daily 8:30am to 5.30pm
Web Site 1. Explore the wild at Konni | Eco tourism centre, Pathanamthitta
2. Konni Tourism

The article appeared in Hindu Newspaper. [Link]

The location is known as Adavi, and it is approximately 20Km away from Pathanamthitta district. Pathanamthitta is located at central Travancore (third district from south), almost middle of Cochin-Trivandrum region. One can reach this district by nearest airports at Nedumbassery (Cochin-150kms) or Trivandrum (120kms). Nearest railway station is at Chenganuur. Chenganuur to Pathanamthitta is approximately 25kms. Pathanamthtita is famous for Sabarimala, an important pilgrimage center. Roads are wide, and few roads are well laid.

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Mathew 30th August 2016 11:49 PM

Re: Tourist Attractions inside Kerala
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Adavi is located at the bank of Kallar. The last 500meters to Adavi is very narrow, and be careful if you are driving. There is parking and it is not enough on weekends. The way to parking is little steep, and need to drive slowly. This place need to develop. The forest department is making necessary arrangements. Few construction is going on. They are offering two services (1) Short Trip ( 30 Minutes ) (ii) Long Trip (1.50Kms). The short trip is costing 400Rs, and can accommodate 4 passengers. Long trip costs 800Rs, and goes upto 1.50kms down the stream. Return on Forest Department vehicle (both bowl and passengers). This service is operated only when there is sufficient water at the river. They made a check dam using sand bags. It served for some time. This is more of adventure ride, while the short trip is more is serine beauty.

There is a short way from Kumbazha instead of going all the way from Konni. If coming from Pathanamthitta, then from Kumbazha take straight, instead of moving to right (Konni Route). After 1Km, turn right and go straight next 6kms. At Payanamon, take left and drive straight to Adavi. This road goes to Seethathode. Don’t get scared, on and off goes via forest. May not get mobile signals at some places. No worry, wide road ahead, beautiful trees around but be careful for opposite vehicles.

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Mathew 30th August 2016 11:51 PM

Re: Tourist Attractions inside Kerala

Mathew 1st September 2016 01:16 AM

Re: Tourist Attractions Inside Kerala
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The bowl boat riders are trained, and have enough information including safety. It is must to wear safety shoulder bags on board. There are cushions for those who have difficulty to sit. Maximum 4 passengers at a time on one bowl boat. They take boat travelers on Q system. They take on upstream, through the side of the river. Once after half a Km, they take the bowl to opposite side. On the other side, they take the bowl to starting point through downstream. During the travel lots of variety trees can be viewed. These riders will provide details. Upon request they will rotate the Bowl Boat. Youngsters may demand more rotation at higher speeds. We did not experiment that but the team beside us asked for a rotation. We too enjoyed that. While returning the rider took the Bowl boat under some trees slightly slanted on the river. It was nice experience.

The Starting point is really awesome. Nice ambience. Beside the area, a small stream where you can wet your feet. Took some photos and selfy’s. There is big swing on way to this boating place. Kids can spend some time over there. There is a makeshift tea shop on way to Boating place. I suggest keep including this place in your future plan. Worth visiting this place. Photos including.

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Mathew 1st September 2016 01:23 AM

Re: Tourist Attractions Inside Kerala
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There is a water fall little ahead of this place. Friends those who visited informed us that it is worth visiting. Careful on driving, very narrow road. Note that wash rooms are under construction.

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Mathew 1st September 2016 01:28 AM

Re: Tourist Attractions Inside Kerala
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2. Konni Elephant Cage,_India

The facilities developed at Konni include
• Elephant viewing,
• Elephant feeding,
• Elephant ride,
• Elephant museum,
• Documentary Station,
• Shop for forest products

This attraction is closed on Mondays.
The elephant capturing was officially stopped in 1977 by Govt: Circular though it was actually stopped many years prior to that.

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Mathew 2nd September 2016 12:29 AM

Re: Tourist Attractions Inside Kerala
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A tragedy. The above elephant died three or four weeks back.


An eight-year-old female captive elephant at the Konni Elephant Camp of the Forest Department died of suspected Elephant endotheliotropic herpesvirus infection on Thursday.
According to official sources, Lakshmi is the third captive elephant to die of endotheliotropic herpesvirus infection in the State this year.
The animal was brought to the elephant camp in 2012 when she strayed into human habitations adjoining the forest areas of Nelliampathy in Palakkad. She was a major attraction to visitors at the Konni camp. An auto
psy was done on the elephant carcass in the afternoon. It was later cremated at the elephant camp itself.
The viscera of the elephant was sent to the Wildlife and Forensic Research Laboratory at Sultan Bathery in Wayanad.
Forest officials have taken extra safety measures for protecting the other captive elephants, especially two calves, at the camp from the herpes virus infection, the sources said.
reference: The Hindu

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Mathew 5th September 2016 01:57 AM

Re: Tourist Attractions Inside Kerala
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Konni is very near to Pathanamthitta(10Km). This location is around 1km away from Konni town. Easy to locate and closed on Mondays. Two tiny ones were there. One was sleeping and the other was isolated from the visitors.

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Mathew 5th September 2016 02:02 AM

Re: Tourist Attractions Inside Kerala
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Soman and Surendran

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Mathew 5th September 2016 08:13 PM

Re: Tourist Attractions Inside Kerala
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Eight open shelters are available for Elephants. All are occupied except the recent incident mentioned above. Two young one at the closed shelters. As part of eco-tourism, these are well take care of. The mahouts are also very cooperative and informative.

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Few more elephants.

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Mathew 5th September 2016 08:17 PM

Re: Tourist Attractions Inside Kerala
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Audio-Visual room.

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Some big-old trees.

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Elephant Museum.

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Mathew 5th September 2016 08:29 PM

Re: Tourist Attractions Inside Kerala
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Museum Continued..

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Children Play Area.

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Mathew 5th September 2016 08:34 PM

Re: Tourist Attractions Inside Kerala
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3. Paradesi Synagogue

Site Details

Visiting time
The synagogue is open every day except Fridays, Saturdays and Jewish holidays.
Timings: forenoon - 10 am to 12 noon; afternoon - 3 pm to 5 pm.

Paradesi synagogue


The Paradesi Synagogue, in a corner of Jew Town, is more than a hundred years old and houses many rare antiques. The synagogue, that woos many visitors, adds to the quaint charm of Mattancherry.


The Jewish synagogue was built in 1568, almost 1500 years after the beginning of the Jewish connection with Kerala. It was built on the land, adjacent to the Mattancherry Palace, given by the erstwhile king of Cochin. The synagogue, the oldest in the Commonwealth, was built by the Jewish community of Cochin. In 1662, it was destroyed by the Portguese and then reconstructed, two years later, by the Dutch.

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Mathew 7th September 2016 01:27 AM

Re: Tourist Attractions Inside Kerala
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Route map from Vytilla, Cochin. Camera not allowed inside the Paradeshi Synagogue.

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Mathew 7th September 2016 01:35 AM

Re: Tourist Attractions Inside Kerala
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A small well near this Paradeshi Synagogue. Few fish too spotted in that well. There is lots of shopping facilities available. A school team were visiting the place when we reached.

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