Zoomcar Accelerates Focus on Driver & Road Safety with Netradyne’s Driveri

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Sep 7, 2014
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Zoomcar Accelerates Focus on Driver and Road Safety with Netradyne’s Driveri™​

October 25, 2018, Bengaluru: Netradyne, a leader in artificial intelligence (AI) technology focusing on driver and fleet safety, has today announced its partnership with Zoomcar, India’s largest shared mobility platform headquartered in Bangalore. Zoomcar has deployed Netradyne’s flagship product, Driveri™, a vision-based driver recognition safety system, to improve road and driver safety for their fleet.

At Zoomcar, safety of our customers and fleets are of utmost concern to us. This partnership with Netradyne will help in strengthening it further. With Driveri installed in our fleets we will be able to understand the driving patterns of our customers and provide constructive feedback thereby enabling a better and safer driving experience" said Rajesh Bysani, CPO, Zoomcar.

With the deployment of Driveri™, Netradyne aims at reducing the risk of accidents for Zoomcar’s fleet. The joint efforts are intended at providing a positive driving experience to Zoomcar’s customers. The device will alert customers during an at-risk driving situation, giving them enough reaction time to save an impending collision and inform them of a mistake which could be avoided in the future.

Netradyne’s cloud portal provides annotated videos of unsafe driving events to aid Zoomcar’s fleet operations, keeping them aware of customer driving patterns on field, and enabling them to respond promptly to accidents.

Zoomcar selected Driveri™ for deployment after having conducted trials for a few months where they recognized the value add it brings to its customers. The joint effort has identified valuable insights around customer driving patterns. The initial observations were gathered over 250,000 kms and 360,000 minutes of driving. There were significant improvements in average following distance to the vehicle in front, fewer collision warning alerts and incidents of aggressive driving.

Transportation and road safety have become pertinent civic issues in the country. Government data as of 2017 shows that around 400 people die in road accidents in India every day”, said Avneesh Agrawal, CEO and Founder of Netradyne. “It is imperative that we employ best-in-class technological advancements to solve the challenge of road safety and at Netradyne we are committed to contributing to the cause. We strongly believe that the association with Zoomcar will be a positive step towards making Indian roads safe and secure in the future.” he added.

About Netradyne

Founded in 2015, Netradyne has technology innovation centers in both San Diego, CA and Bangalore, India where teams are hyper-focused on launching a driver safety platform for Commercial Vehicles. Grounded in the vision of applying Artificial Intelligence for improving fleet safety, Netradyne delivers a holistic view of the driving environment to fleet owners while serving as their driver's advocate. For more information about Driveri™ or to inquire about commercial vehicle safety tools, please visit www.Netradyne.com.

About Zoomcar

Zoomcar holds the distinction of being India’s first self-drive mobility platform, with the introduction of car sharing services in 2013 and the introduction of cycle sharing services in 2017. With a strong focus on the mobile experience, Zoomcar allows users to rent cars by the hour, day, week, or month. Cycles can be rented in increments of 30 minutes. Founded in 2013 and headquartered in Bangalore, Zoomcar operates in nearly 35 cities across India. In 2017, Zoomcar introduced India’s first peer2peer based marketplace for cars with the launch of ZAP. In February 2018, Zoomcar inaugurated India’s first car subscription program under the ZAP umbrella.

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