Wiring Harness Kit For Maruti Gypsy (2005)

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Nov 6, 2017
Dear All,
I'm new to this group and in need for some expert advise related to my Maruti Gypsy. Can anyone let me know the part number & other details of wiring harness kit 1 & 2 for Maruti Gypsy 2005 model? [confused]
Here is the story;

Last year I bought a used Maruti Gypsy (2002 MPFi model as per document) from a dealer in Delhi, who sell Ex-Army auctioned vehicles. Since the existing wiring kit was in worn-out condition I purchased a new wiring kit from Maruti Service center based on the chassis number and was not matching with the ECU of my Gypsy. By further investigation did by service center, I got a feedback that the data base of Maruti showing a different engine number with respect to the chassis number of my Vehicle. I contacted the seller and he told me that the engine is 2005 model. When I checked the ECU I found that it is made by DENSO and EURO – 3 is Written on it. Also someone written “2005 OK Tested” on it, which gives a little bit of confidence that it is a 2005 engine. I contacted Maruti with engine number and chassis number for the confirmation of engine model, but I didn’t get a proper feedback.

Any help on this regard is highly appreciated since my vehicle is giving so much trouble with existing worn-out wiring harness which requires immediate replacement.[frustration]

Thanks & Regards,
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