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Sep 11, 2009
Did a quick service at a VAG special garage, Candour Auto Tech. Service quality was top-notch. Just a basic oil and filter change. TAT was under 30 min with a quick underhood clean. Parts were costlier than VW, but all genuine parts. This place was too close and would not charge for removing each and every bolt, so ...... Polo was the smallest car worked there, rest being mostly Mercs.

Only thing I disliked was he used only 3L oil instead of the 4.4L, but level is still showing full in dipstick and no warning lights. Read the whole manual and there is no mention of oil quatity, only mention was checking and topping up every couple of 1000 km. A debatable topic. Still gonna trust that guy. Checking level regularly.

Engine Oil ₹ 3,750.00 (Mobil 1 Full Synthetic 3L)
Oil Filter ₹ 575.00
Air Filter ₹ 950.00
AC Filter ₹ 725.00

Oil and Filter Replacements ₹ 550.00
ECU Scan/Service Reset ₹ 550.00

Was in hurry and did not replace diesel filter. Will be replacing in a week or 2.

Got estimate for 90k job. Rear suspension is leaking. V-belt needs preventative replacement. Steering box makes a clicking feel when self centering.

Quote (Part+Labor) (Quick approximate)
Lower Arm Bush x4 - 3000+2800
Front Stabilizer Link x2 - 2800+650
Hand Brake Adjustment - 0
Intake Manifold Cleaning - 6500

Front Suspension Work - 2650
Front Strut Bearing x2 - 900
Front Strut Mount x2 - 2000
Boot x 4 - 1950

Rear Suspension Work - 2350
Rear Shock x2 - 9-10k
Strut Mount x2 - 4800
Strut Boot x4 - 1850

Tuning Kit - 15000+4750 (May be belts and all)
Brake Fluid Replacement - 1500

Steering and Rest Quotation after dismantling.

EGR making annoying ticking noise. Gotta check it next time.

2016-04-19 19-25-36.jpg

Been a fan of STP additives. Bought one for Polo after trying on i20. Tremendous improvement in low end and power delivery (and improved mileage in i20). Been using with petrol engines for like 3-4 years, even @vichu. First time trying on diesel. Price was 350, I believe. I20 guy was behind me to steal this one [evil]

2016-02-11 22-17-12.jpg
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Sep 11, 2009
Bought Mobil 1 0W40 for Topup. Oil was running in the lower end of dipstick.
2016-09-04 18-08-14.JPG
2016-09-04 18-08-24.JPG
MRP was 1350, got 50 discount at Govind & Co.
2016-09-04 18-08-42.JPG

VW leaves room for burning upto 1 L per 2000 km.
2016-09-07 22-46-33.JPG

Oil specs. Mobil 1 meets VW505
2016-09-07 22-47-02.JPG

The legendary VW horn HYGT brand. Made in China [lol] Part# 6RF951223B. High Tone.
2016-08-14 13-58-45.JPG

VW style connector. Was looking for option to connect a low tone.
2016-08-14 13-59-08.JPG

Location is LHS.
2016-08-14 13-59-32.JPG

Can be accessed by just pulling the panel out.
2016-08-14 14-00-00.JPG

Fixed the broken AC vent. Jugaad. Paper pins and fevikwik. Indian engineering [evil]
2016-09-04 19-34-10.JPG
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Sep 11, 2009
New Minda frameless blades. Priced in par with the Chinese blades (inconsistent quality). Paid ₹ 400.00 for pair. Driver side 24" and Passenger side 16".
2016-09-07 20-21-04.JPG
2016-09-07 20-22-42.JPG

Packing was good.
2016-09-07 20-33-30.JPG

Looks similar to Chinese, but sturdier.
2016-09-07 20-34-00.JPG
2016-09-07 20-36-09.JPG
2016-09-07 20-36-35.JPG
2016-09-07 20-38-18.JPG

Excellent sweep. No juddering.
2016-09-07 20-44-09.JPG

Wierdest part. No fuse card or any information on manual or anywhere on the car/fuse box.
2016-09-07 23-24-16.JPG

Random click
2016-09-18 21-59-58.JPG
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Sep 11, 2009
Car had pull towards left. Rectified with wheel alignment.
2016-10-22 17-14-46.jpg

99k. In the verge of a lakh.
2016-10-22 20-57-52.jpg

Philips Blue Vision W5W. Paid ₹ 125.00
2016-10-27 19-48-26.JPG
2016-10-27 19-49-59.JPG
2016-10-27 22-01-15.JPG
2016-10-27 22-02-49.JPG
2016-10-27 22-03-42.JPG
2016-11-11 07-48-33.JPG

2016-10-27 22-17-13.JPG

Adjusted poorly focused beams.
2016-11-03 23-34-53.JPG

Horizontal adjustment.
2016-11-03 23-36-13.JPG

Vertical adjustment.
2016-11-03 23-37-14.JPG

OE Diesel Filter. Part # 6RF127400A
2016-11-03 23-55-25.JPG

Drain for water, if any.
2016-11-03 23-58-41.JPG
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Sep 11, 2009
November 2016:

The Elite 1L Club: [:D]

2016-11-29 20-46-35.jpg
2016-11-29 20-49-14.jpg

Horn upgrade, single to dual. Pair of old burnt Root Windtone lying around. Some twist and turns and it works, though crude, but chalega for the time being.

2016-11-20 12-48-33.JPG

Truck load of connectors.

2016-11-20 12-46-50.JPG

UNO Minda 4 pin relay. Paid 80 INR. 4 pin relays now hard to find, only mini 5 pin type available, the bolt hole missing in those.

2016-11-20 13-37-22.JPG
2016-11-20 13-38-11.JPG

Male connectors to tap OE horn connector. Got from scavenged old bike wiring harness.

2016-11-20 13-58-19.JPG

Custom plug and play kit

2016-11-20 15-23-11.JPG

All goes into OE horn location.

2016-11-20 15-41-11.JPG
2016-11-20 15-41-21.JPG

Lots of terminals for expansion.

2016-11-20 16-24-04.JPG
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Sep 11, 2009
January 2017:

Topup time.

Mobil 1 0W40 1 L - ₹ 1,330.00 (MRP ₹ 1,350.00)

2017-01-31 20-46-25.JPG

Bosch Auto Cool 1 L - ₹ 190.00 (MRP ₹ 200.00)

2017-01-31 20-48-00.JPG

March 2017:

Dieselgate Recall:

Gave to SVC after frequent calls and repeat missed appointments.

Post software update: Significant power drop is felt. Sluggish when it pulls from standstill, but is still driveable.

VW car care kit. They price it ₹1999.00. This is what we Indians get as compensation for getting fooled. [frustration] Plus a free wash.

2017-03-26 08-50-24.JPG
2017-03-26 08-50-30.JPG
2017-03-26 08-52-10.JPG
2017-03-26 08-52-49.JPG
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Sep 11, 2009
May 2017:

Service Time:

Serviced again at Candour Auto Tech, an FNG doing only European cars especially VW group and tristar. Parts are bit costlier than OEM, may be its a premium garage (and Polo might be the cheapest car they work with [lol]).

Mobil 1 0W40 x 4 L - ₹ 5,000.00
Oil Filter - ₹ 575.00
Air Filter - ₹ 950.00
AC Filter - ₹ 725.00
Consumables - ₹ 300.00
Windshield Washer Fluid - ₹ 50.00
Brake Grease - ₹ 90.00
Brake Pad (Brembo) - ₹ 3,850.00

Oil and Filter Replacements - ₹ 550.00
ECU Scan/Service Reset - ₹ 550.00
Brake Pad Replacement and Greasing - ₹ 550.00

Total Bill: ₹ 13,190.00

Surprised to see this.

2017-05-12 19-13-26.jpg

Tyre time:

Yokohama ES100 ran a good 35k km, though dealer said it will run 20-25k km. Two tyres got bald/out edge uneven wear due to low air and micro puncture became daily occurence. Yokohama was nowhere available in city due to dealer dispute. Other good tyres were super expensive (unjustified for what we pay compared to ES100). And then there was Falken and Nangkang.

Was scrolling through options in forums and by chance saw reviews on MRF ZLO. Completely forgot about that after having first hand experience on i20. It was a good grippy tyre with less road noise. Internet affirmed the same. Just passed by the MRF showroom, got in for casual enquiry. No stock according to owner, but manager arranged 2017 make 4 pieces in no time. Price offered was irresistable. MRP north of ₹6k and offer price was ₹3.8k/piece, cheaper than even online prices. Falken and Nangkang were quoted ₹4.4k and ₹4.2k. Changed all 4 in a gap of 2 weeks 2 at a time.

MRF ZLO 195/60R14 x4 - ₹15,200.00
Alignment + balancing + fitment - ₹850.00
Total: ₹16,000.00 (Rounded)

(USP of non-MRF dealers are they offer alignment + balancing + fitment + nitrogen free )

What we used to see daily. Micropunctures. Got a 30 strip kit solely for this.

2017-05-05 07-17-28.jpg

Rohini Tyres, one of the cheapest deal you can get in Trivandrum, thanks to competition (used to be the most expensive guys)

2017-05-12 18-55-19_2.jpg

MRF ZLO 195/60R14

2017-05-12 19-09-00.jpg
2017-05-14 09-38-19.jpg

Performance very much comparable with Michelin XM series. No one would believe it is made by MRF [lol]

Tread pattern is asymmetric .

2017-05-14 09-34-29.jpg
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Sep 11, 2009
July 2017:

Hits 1.1 L

2017-07-15 13-52-51.jpg

Car started developing power loss and thick smoke on hard acceleration. Coil sign showing up once in a while. On scan showed error (forgot what). Took it to VW. SA at first started saying turbo fail/timing belt blah blah, showed the error codes. On their scan turned out to be pressure converter. Replaced and back to normal.

Pressure Converter - 1K0906627B - ₹ 4,578.56

2017-07-05 23-43-14.JPG
2017-07-05 23-44-08.JPG

Changed fuel filter also since car was making too much Trivandrum - Tirunelveli trips and uncertain of highway-side pump fuel quality .

Fuel Filter - 6RF127400A - ₹ 1,299.88

Labor -
Pressure Converter Replacement - DL00271 - ₹ 600.00 + tax (₹ 708.00)
Fuel Filter Replacement - DL00175 - ₹ 300.00 + tax (₹ 354.00)

Total - ₹ 6940.44

Dome light conversion. Light made in Poland.

2017-07-20 21-51-49.JPG
2017-07-20 21-52-45.JPG

5630 0.5w LED. 9 x 0.5 = 4.5 W

2017-07-20 21-53-16.JPG

2017-07-20 23-04-52.jpg
2017-07-20 23-11-44.jpg
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Sep 11, 2009
August 2017:

It's huge, though cramped inside.

2017-08-10 21-33-33.jpg

New horns. Bosch Symphony. Finish and packing changed. Old ones used to have zinc gold back and clamps. Got for ₹ 638.00. Simply replaced existing ones. They were old packed up ones.

2017-08-12 19-34-13.JPG
2017-08-12 19-34-35.JPG
2017-08-13 09-42-37.JPG
2017-08-13 09-42-52.JPG

One stupid TVS XL guy broke mirror at Tirunelveli town. Drove back without mirrors.
Non-OEM convex mirror - ₹ 140.00
Mirror Cap LHS - 5Z1857537 9B9 - ₹ 137.00

RHS had enough bruising and LHS matt black.

2017-08-18 23-55-40.jpg

DIY painted. Finished in piano black.

2017-08-20 16-22-00.jpg
2017-08-20 22-57-55.jpg
2017-08-21 08-42-02.jpg
2017-08-21 08-42-25.jpg

Had a brawl with VW guy over counter sale of mirror cap. At first it was out of stock. When it arrived, he said he cannot give unpainted since the other is painted, assuming its higher trim version. Finally complained with manager, ended up getting mirror cap, not as spare, but installed by them. Charged ₹ 118.00. First quote was approx ₹ 900.00 including painting.

Lost/misplaced wheel spanner somewhere. Got an unbranded one for ₹ 190.00
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Sep 11, 2009
Late night long runs proved headlights useless. So upgraded. Still not much improvement, but better, HL assembly needs replacement.

Philips Essential Vision 100/90 - ₹ 414.00
Been using this in Estilo for ages. Better than Rally in terms of output, but won't feel it due to temperature.

2017-08-29 20-53-55.JPG
2017-08-29 20-55-45.JPG
2017-08-28 13-20-36.JPG
2017-08-28 13-46-43.JPG

Scavenged wiring kit from Estilo. Last minute late night urgency and Estilo had better stock lights with fog lamps and was not used night much. Phillips wiring kit and Roots relay. Phillips relay now doing duty in i20.

2017-08-27 22-46-22.JPG

Relay goes there.

2017-08-28 13-31-02.JPG

Lots of terminals for power.

2017-08-28 13-31-12.JPG

Secured well.

2017-08-28 13-31-25.JPG

Grounded. Points were not great, use to lose connection once in a while, have to tighten bolts to restore. No other close enough ground points.

2017-08-28 13-31-43.JPG

Temperature difference.

2017-08-29 21-33-53.JPG

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