Used To Be Chevy Aveo Owner

Apr 27, 2016
Boston, US
Welcome Chevy Aveo Driver...

Nice to see someone from US interested in Indian Car scene.

India is currently 4th largest car market in world and have presence of most of the large auto makers.

We do have presence of US makers like GM (Chevrolet) and Ford in India but the models are mostly Euro/Asia specific.

Chevy have now moved out of this country and it used to sell following models here :

Chevy Trailblazer, Chevy Aveo, Chevy Optima (based on Suzuki Forenza); Captiva, Cruze and Sail (from GM China). They also had Chevy Forrester (based on Subaru) during initial years.

Ford is preparing to move and will continue with JV with another indian company Mahindra (famous for Roxor and tractors in US) have following models available :

Ford Ecosport, Ford Figo (India specific); Ford Fiesta, ford Endeavor (based on Everest). Ford had introduced 90's Escort and Mondeo (Based on fusion) in early 2Ks.

And we have Jeep as well with Compass available on sale in India

Other than these US manufactures we have Toyota, Honda, Suzuki, VW group, FCA, Nissan / Renault playing in medium to small capacity.

We have presence of Luxury Marques Merc, BMW and Audis playing for their fair share.

We have Koreans like Hyundai and Kia playing big and also had presence of Daewoo when they existed.

In our Homegrown manufactures we Have TATA and Mahindra as major players. Maruti is 52% stake of Suzuki so it is not as home grown as people think.

We have worlds biggest market for two wheelers and have any homegrown/international players available.

Cheers !!


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