Tyre / Alloy Upgrade for New Hyundai Verna Fluidic

Oct 21, 2012
Hi sell_pwn, I too have a 2012 fluidic verna and after 30k, i changed the stock tyre to 205/55/r16 yokohama. I felt the handling was better due to the upsize, did not find much difference in milage as well. I was satisfied with the upsize.

The a-drive tyres, however, proved bad for me. Before another 25k, one of my tyre sidewall bulged and the company guys are refusing to change the tyre which has a good 25k more life in it. They keep saying the problem is due to my driving over sharp objects or that its a pinch-puncture inside the tyre layers that an air bubble formed. All my tries to convince them failed. So i have decided no more yokohama tyres for me if this is how they treat their customers.
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