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Aug 25, 2016
Hi TAI'gers,

I have an unusually long name and likewise unusually good luck when it comes to surviving car crashes.

In what seems to be a past life I was a Helicopter pilot with the Indian Navy. I have since done my MBA from ISB and, after a few jobs here and there, decided to study again. Hence, I find myself in Toulouse. That's the boring stuff.

I have always, always loved cars. Never got to drive one till I was 18 (dad was strict). Got my first car which was a Maruti 800 5-speed. I am addicted to speed (no-not the drug) and found that the it was a great car to drive. My ownership history since include:
2004-2006 - M-800 5 Speed (2002) - Totalled
2006-2008 - OHC (Type-I) (1998) - Totalled
2010 -2011 - OHC (Type-II) (2003) - Totalled
2011 - 2015 - Baleno (2004) - Sold as scrap but seen on delhi roads [anger]
2015 - Honda Civic (2010) - Sold as I was leaving India
Current - Rockrider 500 Mountain Bike (Top speed 43 Kmph)

Anyway, I'm going to be in the hunt for a car again pretty soon. In fact, it's one of the first things I need to address when I get back to India. I loved my Civic (even though it was white) and may well go for another one. Only this time I'm thinking of one of the older ones - those that may not have had the love they deserved yet.

As for the rest, well I love football and am an out-doors kind of person; but weather is a major factor in that. Will likely end up starting work again in January 2017.

I'm here because I'm a car nut. Because I cannot help but toy and tinker with my dearly beloved ride till she's perfect. Then I will find yet more reasons to mess about. Being a decent human being, I loved proper Top Gear (Jezza, Hammond and May).

Glad to be here, hope to meet some good people with better advice.


Oct 15, 2011
Some Village
Whoa! You have quite a story to tell.
I guess you have killed more Cars than terrorists! Well jokes aside, Welcome to TAI and have a pleasant stay. Please choose a car with Decent safety so that we can hear all of your Stories.
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