The So-Called 3M Car Care Cochin

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Oct 18, 2014
Would like to share the experience i had with car wash and waxing from so called professional 3M car care Ernakulam.

Basically i am very particular about keeping my car clean and the way it is cleaned like any car enthusiast.
Well i just had a long ride back from chennai and the car was a bit dirty.

Normally i do the cleaning and waxing myself. This time i thought let me see how thec so called professionals handle the job. And guys trust me this is one place i would not suggest anyone to go.

To start with the place looked pretty clean and professional.
When i took my car there which is a black one can you believe what they did. .The do called professionals.
Yes guys every worker out there including the owner was inspecting my car paint by drawing a line with his finger on a dirty car with 700 km of rain and dust.
Ooh man you can imagine what goes through your heart when anyone does that. The guys who are supposed to be professional in car care where doing such unprofessional act. [anger]
Okay that was just the starting.
Okay then they did the washing and the car came out when i touched wheel skirt there was dirt inside.
So he takes it again inside does an other wash.
After it comes out again i find the side skirts dirty. By that time i was like how do i get out of this place. [frustration]
When i saw there were spots of dirt on lot of places. I was taking a cloth and cleaning it when the guys where telling me it cannot be removed without polishing . I think they were trying to take me for a ride. Guys they thought i had no clue of what they were doing. Okay so i keep my mouth shut to see how much this is gonna take me.
Well then when i look at the car from the front of the car the bottom part was very dirty..okay another waver from them. It seems that dirt cannot be cleaned because it seems it was the remains of last wax which was another big lie.
So i took some water and just used my hand with soft cloth to remove the mark and it was gone.
When i showed them what i did they had nothing to say.
They did a lousy wax a very bad wash and a pathetic cleaning for which i paid 1499 Rs.
Guys check out the pics. See the under body after cleaning.see the interiors. Anyway this 3M care is one place i would never visit nor would i advice to any of my friends.
I the mean time i had seen their sun film work done on one of the cars. Trust me guys i could find air bubbles in the sun film stuck . After seeing that i cancelled my plan of getting the sun film stuck from there.
The owner seemed like a good guy, but i have no idea if he is aware of the work his workers were doing.
The last pic of the interior is the one that i came home and cleaned with just cloth and water. I didn't even have to try hard just one wipe was enough to clean the dust. Imagine guys 1500 rs and the quality of work.
I get a much much better cleaning with just 500 rs from a good car wash.
3M car care Cochin I Will never visit there nor will i ever advice my friends .
Guys for professional work there is nothing that can beat Pete's in cochin.
Jul 23, 2013
Sorry to hear about your bad experience with 3M. If you know Pete's is better then what made you visit 3M?

I have mostly heard good reviews about 3M though they charge a heavy premium for the services. If ever this happened with you then I feel it as an isolated incident.
May 7, 2013
This is the first time, am hearing a bad experience with 3M. It may be a selective case. Almost all the times i had heard positive reviews only about 3M works. Even many guys posted the pictures too, which shows the great work of 3M but they charge heavily.


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Sep 7, 2014
Delhi-NCR/ Mumbai
Would like to share the experience i had with car wash and waxing from so called professional 3M car care Ernakulam.
Guys check out the pics. See the under body after cleaning.see the interiors.
I can co-relate your experience buddy. Same thing happened with me here in 3M kailash colony. I got the spoiler of my car wrapped in Carbon fiber from 3M apart from some other wraps also. Within a couple of days the wrap peeled off from the corner.


Upon seeing this I called them up and they readily got it rectified FOC which was good. The gentleman there told that Carbon fiber does have property to shrink. I accepted it but to be honest I was not at all confident of their workman-ship.



I am sure you may know that 3M's carbon fiber wrap is the expensive one. That day I shelled out INR 11,330/-.

Now, here is another wrap by not so popular yet elegant in wrapping outlet based in Karol Bagh, New Delhi.


I eventually got the old spoiler changed to a lip spoiler purchased from Auto Marc, New Delhi.

Please post some before and after pics so that we can understand the issue in a better way.


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