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Sep 11, 2009
July 2019: Poor Man's USB/Bluetooth Conversion

Had a couple of generic Bluetooth modules lying around, which I bought for someone else's audio project. Just thought of making a standalone plug and play unit. It's just ₹ 200.00 for module plus remote and ₹ 160.00 without remote. Got BT, USB, Aux IN, FM, etc.. Also has a record option, but don't have mic or storage. Powered by 5V (burnt one connecting to 12V). SQ is good, not exceptional or audiophile stuff.

2019-07-03 19-16-53.jpg

Card type remote. There was also a better premium remote available at extra cost.


Annoyingly colorful and bright [lol] Those waves are spectrum analyzers.

2019-07-04 20-10-26.jpg

How it looks without that front dial.


Too compact.


Cut the front as compact as possible. Erased unwanted prints with thinner. Covered with thin foam board and wrapped with some CF vinyl. Quick prototype. Scavenged an old USB data cable. Added a 3.5 mm socket and ready to plug and play. Had an extremely short aux cable from another el cheapo USB Bluetooth audio receiver module.

2019-07-19 12-53-39.jpg

2019-07-19 08-55-39.jpg
2019-07-19 08-56-13.jpg

Powered by USB charger and plugs into aux in of HU. Stock HU sounds great for a spartan car. Lacks USB function. Now can play from USB and Bluetooth. FM and aux already in HU, so useless. To my surprise, phones player can be controlled with the remote, which doesn't happen with many of the stock and aftermarket units I came across. Display tinted and blacked out everything except the mode. No ID3 tag display.

2019-07-19 13-15-21.jpg

Now in search for better modules. Love them.
Oct 15, 2011
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There are many BT to FM & aux transmitters available. I brought one from tewtross and even has a display (like old Nokia phones) which shows song name, volume and so on. Neat little device.
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