The Pony Car - Ford Fiesta 1.6 SXi 2009 (Pre-Tamed Beast)

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Sep 11, 2009
December 2018:

More suspension trouble. Left front end started making noise and wavy vibrations when going straight on uneven surfaces. No issues when going sideways or potholes. Link rod was gone. Also brake had weird feel, like vibration on left side front. Caliper spring was broken. Car also developed oil leak in axle, and SA said axle bearing is gone, which we changed just a month back. Said so, he corrected it as bearing oil seal, but no stock. Done rest of the job and ordered oil seal right away.

Front Stabilize Bar Link Assembly - 6N2Z-5K484-A - ₹ 1,000.00/side - x2

2018-12-22 09-58-55.JPG

Surprisingly fresh stock.

2018-12-22 10-00-11.JPG

Damaged end.

2018-12-22 09-59-06.JPG

Other side.

2018-12-22 09-59-12.JPG

Caliper Spring - YS6Z2B486A - ₹ 329.00

2018-12-22 09-59-22.JPG


Stabilizer Bar Replacement x 2 - 520.00
Front Axle Oil Seal Replacement - ₹ 650.00
Plus GST

Total Bill: ₹ 3709.00

A week later the oil seal arrived. Took for replacement and got back by afternoon. Topped up gear oil, which costs whopping ₹ 1215.00/liter and needs 3 liters in case of full replacement. Luckily needed only 250 ml. They said it is for lifetime and never needs replacement.

Front Axle Oil Seal - XS6R3K169CA - ₹ 312.00
Transmission Oil - XT11QDC - 250 ml - ₹ 303.76

Front Axle Oil Seal Replacement - ₹ 650.00 + 18% GST

Total Bill: ₹ 1383.00
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Sep 11, 2009
December 2018:

Got Tint'd

Done at Sun Tint. This guy quoted the cheapest for Garware Ice Cool Shield almost similar to the dealer price plus labor. Antiglare for front windshield, 70% VLT for side glasses and 50% VLT for rear glass (since 70 ones were not wide enough to completely cover the glass and hated the 2-piece job). Total burn ₹ 5,200.00. Quality of work was good, but not perfect.

2018-12-22 13-33-58.JPG

Waiting for the chance. We did 2 cars together, so got cut that what he quoted first. The Ritz had 50% all over, which was too dark.

2018-12-22 14-55-04.JPG

Garware Ice Cool and CH-50. Claims a lot, but not sure.

2018-12-22 14-59-36.JPG
2018-12-22 14-58-44.jpg
2018-12-22 14-58-51.jpg
2018-12-22 14-58-54.jpg
2018-12-22 14-59-07.jpg


2018-12-22 15-37-37.jpg

Passer by

2018-12-22 15-52-24.jpg

Color difference.

2018-12-22 14-52-43.JPG

Love convex, but was sadly dirty.

2018-12-22 16-39-48.JPG

How it looks.

2018-12-23 16-41-53.jpg

2018-12-23 16-42-42.jpg

2018-12-23 17-31-13.jpg
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Sep 11, 2009
February 2019:

The wedding car prep.

2019-02-06 23-51-43.jpg

Midnight wash marathon by @vishnu vichu and K&N install on his S, just happening post 12 AM, the wedding day [lol]

2019-02-09 00-20-29.jpg

No one can beat @vishnu vichu in that speckless wash.

2019-02-09 06-57-14.jpg

2019-02-09 06-44-19.jpg

And then comes the question, black or white? Everyone turned against black with me alone favoring. Omen and bullshit.

2019-02-09 06-59-30.jpg

and white steals. The 'lost between cup and lip' moment.

2019-02-09 08-48-15.JPG

No worries, pace car [evil]

2019-02-09 14-38-02.jpg
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Sep 11, 2009
March 2019:

Low beam konks off. Phillips X-treme Vision goes in drain. Just 1.5 years old. Installed old spare H7 (or the one removed from @vishnu vichu)

2019-03-11 19-08-18.jpg

Visited uncles house and plan B Ponmudi. For the first time in my life, not even a single click of car in Ponmudi [frustration]

2019-03-31 14-14-30.jpg
2019-03-31 14-08-12.jpg

Did quite a bit of rallying.

2019-03-31 18-38-10.jpg
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Sep 11, 2009
April 2019:

Old tank >> Just a recap >> Windscreen Washer Tank Repair

Almost 2 years with the repaired tank and ever since was searching for replacement tank. New one was around ₹ 2800.00. Not readily available at dealer. Then completely forgot about the tank. A friend of mine was on parts hunt for his crashed Fiesta. Asked him to get a washer fluid tank in case he find one cheap. Most of the cars were hit in front LH and tank was damaged in most of the cars he found. Search crossed border and finally found an extremely good specimen at Coimbatore. Got for ₹ 500.00. Came along with washer motor, which the seller forgot to remove and quoted ₹ 800.00 including motor later. Managed to get for ₹ 500.00. Tank cap was missing. Rubber tubing was intact.

2019-04-07 07-32-37.jpg
2019-04-07 07-32-52.jpg

Part Number: 6N29 17B613 AK
Came from a 2014 make car.

2019-04-07 07-33-10.jpg

Washer Motor
Part number: 2S6T 17K624 AB

2019-04-07 07-33-33.jpg

Disassembled and gave a thorough wash

2019-04-08 18-15-57.jpg

Rubber filter. This prevents clogging of the motor.

2019-04-08 18-16-05.jpg
2019-04-08 18-16-14.jpg

Finally the motor. Clicked before cleaning.

2019-04-08 18-16-42.jpg

Removed headlight for proper access. Park light doubled as work light.

2019-04-12 20-57-38.jpg
2019-04-12 20-57-59.jpg

Thanks to the gap between fender lining and strut mount, the whole LH parts were covered in muck. This was common across Fiestas. Dunno why they made such an error.

2019-04-12 20-59-22.jpg

Removing the tank.

First bolt right behind headlight. Old clamp misfit because of thick glue filling the gap for clamp to fit.

2019-04-12 20-58-12.jpg
2019-04-12 21-14-00.jpg

Second bolt accessible behind the fender lining.

2019-04-12 21-13-23.jpg
2019-04-12 21-13-28.jpg

Third and the tricky one. Right at the neck of the reservoir. Only room for an open-ended spanner and little room for even 1/8th of a turn. For proper access, have to remove the battery and compartment.

2019-04-12 21-18-44.jpg

Cleaned the muck.

2019-04-12 21-42-56.jpg

Sealed off the gap with an old tube piece.

2019-04-12 21-52-25.jpg

Old vs new.

2019-04-12 21-54-26.jpg

After the motor in place.

2019-04-12 21-55-49.jpg

There was an easily accessible joint, eliminating the need to strip further.

2019-04-12 21-58-05.jpg

Installed back everything. Did a thorough clean up.

2019-04-12 22-08-45.jpg

And a full bonnet wash.

2019-04-14 17-43-00.jpg
2019-04-14 17-44-12.jpg
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Sep 11, 2009
June 2019:

One last drive to Nellai. Relocating back to hometown.

2019-06-01 14-07-03_2.jpg

Typical TN neem tree backdrop.

2019-06-01 18-21-17.jpg

Back home and puncture everywhere. Found 3 in 2 wheels.

2019-06-11 15-36-29.jpg
2019-06-11 15-38-52.jpg
2019-06-11 15-43-33.jpg
2019-06-11 15-22-32.jpg

Rusty lug nut. Common with 90% of the aftermarket lug nuts available.

2019-06-11 15-58-30.jpg

12 mm x 1.5

2019-06-11 15-58-27.jpg
2019-06-11 15-58-25.jpg

Local runarounds

2019-06-23 13-14-34.jpg

2019-06-30 08-17-35.jpg

and parts hunt for Estilo.

2019-06-26 14-20-21.jpg

2019-06-26 13-34-39.jpg
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Sep 11, 2009
July 2019:

Service time and trip prep coincides. Got it done at Travancore Motors, an FNG instead of Ford as the latter proved expensive every time and not so satisfactory. Both cars Hell's Angel and Pony serviced together. We just wanted oil change and check brakes instead of full service as there was a trip for the weekend and already cash strapped. One of the belts was making squeaky noise, which we planned to change after return. Brake was making noise, was pretty sure the brake liners were worn out. Work was neat, but they used many non-OEM but reliable brand parts, which turned expensive then OEM part. Next time on, will buy OEM parts before giving to them.

They had a good collection of oil to chose from. Opted for Total Quartz 7000, semi synthetic.

Replaced brake shoes and skimmed/polished brake drum and rotor.

They replaced air filter as well, which Ford guys are reluctant to despite request due to the difficulty getting it done. Ford won't touch air filters until it hits 20k km.

They tightened the squeaky belt, now perfectly fine.



Total Quartz 7000 x 4 L - ₹ 1,840.00
Oil Filter - ₹ 245.00
Air Filter - ₹ 515.00
Washer Fluid - ₹ 15.00
Battery Water (400 ml) - ₹ 14.00
Brake Shoe - ₹ 1,885.00
Brake Fluid (50 ml) - ₹ 26.00
Total - ₹ 4,540.00

Brake Overhaul - ₹ 700.00
Oil Change - ₹ 300.00
General Checkup - ₹ 300.00
Rotor & Brake Drum Skimming - ₹ 1,500.00
Total - ₹ 2,800.00

Total - ₹7,340.00

Ford SVC would have been cheaper if there was no rotor polishing, but double minded as there always cropped new problems whenever visited there.

2019-07-16 16-11-23.jpg

Ugly pink stickers. Ripped off first reaching home.

2019-07-19 11-44-21.jpg

Polished disc rotors.

2019-07-19 13-49-13.jpg
2019-07-19 13-59-29.jpg

There has been a starting issue from very beginning, which most Ford Fiesta owners complain of. Car cranks but car dies before it could idle, but will fire in second or third try. Only annoying problem as of now. Most attributes it to starter motor.

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