The Grey Skid – Chevy Beat TCDi LS (December 2012)

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Sep 11, 2009
September 2020 - New Custom Temperature LED Dome Light

The el cheapo module installed temporarily was forgotten and was still doing its duty. I like pure white, this one's got a violet tint in it, but not violet'y like the cheaper festoon replacement bulbs available.

2020-03-30 11-30-13.jpg
2020-01-11 08-29-05.jpg

Dome light assembly. J13126729. New ones retail for ₹808.00.

2020-09-15 00-31-27.jpg
2020-09-15 00-31-21.jpg
2020-09-15 00-31-46.jpg
2020-09-15 00-32-01.jpg

Glass and frame are separate parts, but not available as child parts.

2020-09-15 00-32-30.jpg

2020-09-15 00-32-38.jpg
2020-09-15 00-32-43.jpg

Bored of usual pure white and warm white. Had only a couple of warm light SMDs left in stock. Pure white was also depleting in stock. With the end of eBay, it's costlier procuring SMDs. These were bought in bulk before said adieu. 5630/5620 SMDs also became obsolete, giving way for now more efficient smaller 2835 0.5W ones.

2020-09-14 23-38-11.jpg

Mixed and matched. 4 warm whites + 5 cool white.

2020-09-15 00-30-32.jpg

New custom cooler-than-warm-warmer-than-cool-white.

2020-09-15 00-54-59.jpg

Brighter, but easier on eyes.

2020-09-15 00-58-14.jpg

LED streetlight for comparison. Warm white streetlight at distance.

2020-09-15 00-55-47.jpg
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Sep 11, 2009
September 2020 - Little Trees

Bought two, one for Skids, one for Pony. Wonderful wastage of money. Didn't last a day with AC. Earlier it used to last a week to a month.

2020-09-15 10-27-32.jpg

₹150.00 each from Car Park.

2020-09-15 10-27-41.jpg

Some scratching revealed original MRP to be ₹109.00. Daylight robbery.

2020-09-15 10-29-36.jpg

Previous one was also Litte Trees. Always loved the Little Trees hung on foreign cars.

2020-09-20 15-40-47.jpg

Found the HU remote in kids' toy bin. Dissected to check for battery leak. Remote was giving out IR signals but not working.

2020-09-20 14-48-13.jpg
2020-09-20 14-48-17.jpg
2020-09-20 14-48-22.jpg
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Sep 11, 2009
September 2020 - Another Screw up

The stupid construction guy next door splashed mortar from the third floor over the bonnet. Didn't inform either. Saw in the nick of the time, started hardening. Washed'em off, but the residue remained.

2020-09-22 18-50-26.jpg

Grabbed the Compound. First did hand buffing, then took the polisher.

2020-09-22 18-50-36.jpg
2020-09-22 19-40-45.jpg

Way beyond the capacity of the Meguair's. Switched to 3M Perfect-It and all residue gone.

2020-09-22 19-41-08.jpg
2020-09-22 20-03-15.jpg


2020-09-22 20-08-22.jpg

Finished off with Tech Wax 2.0.

2020-09-22 20-31-06.jpg


2020-09-22 20-24-43.jpg
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Sep 11, 2009
October 2020 - Misc updates

Running fine in town and country.

2020-10-11 13-21-32.jpg
2020-10-13 12-09-54.JPG

Woke up reading the BS WA forwards about MVD fining crores for tiny stickers. Had a Nankang sticker and was lazy to remove it after installing the Maxxis. That acted as a gentle reminder. Removed them.

2020-10-11 13-44-59.jpg

Had the Nankang sticker even before we bought Nankangs when running on stock Good Years. [lol]

2014-04-19 17-36-43.JPG

Heights of laziness. It's been 2 months since tinting the front logo and didn't bother about the rear one, a 5-min job.

2020-10-29 15-46-06.jpg

Grabbed the usual stuff.

2020-10-29 15-46-53.jpg

The purpose it's made for. [evil] Nowhere dark like the ricers painting pitch black. No plans to tint'em.

2020-10-29 15-49-39.jpg

Easiest of all logos to work with.

2020-10-29 15-52-28.jpg

El cheapo craft knife.

2020-10-29 15-56-52.jpg

Trimmed to shape.

2020-10-31 12-51-52.jpg

Date with the Angel.

2020-10-31 14-00-17_1.jpg
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Sep 11, 2009
November 2020 Updates

Half-yearly pollution check.

2020-11-09 11-02-21.jpg

Turns yearly. Thanks to BS-IV by birth motor.

2020-11-09 11-09-03e.jpg

Had heated argument with a non-so-automotive friend regarding factory tint. He was no way accepting at-least budget cars came with them. Clicked these for him. Skids had 75% transparency in front and 70% all-around. Front and rear glasses were Indian made AIS brand, but the side glasses were Fuyao, a Chinese brand, but OEM vendor for GM, Ford, VW, Subaru, etc. Later Beats came with Saint-Gobain glasses.

2020-11-20 16-37-24.jpg
2020-11-20 16-39-22.jpg
2020-11-20 16-40-55.jpg

Shell Helix HX8 at 5000 km. Beat diesel like other diesels are famous for their oil drinking habit. Level is still decent and oil is still oily [clap]

2020-11-22 11-14-40.jpg
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Sep 11, 2009
November 2020 - Theatre Dimming Effect for Dome Light

Just another killing-the-boredom project. The idea banged when was playing with capacitor for a 555 timer for another project. The biggest one I had was a 4700 uF 25V (the blue on in snap).

Ran to nearby electronic shop and bought 3 of'em. Keltron, Kerala Government's own product. It was a bit shocking at ₹40 per piece, till date never bought a capacitor worth more than ₹5 (smaller values) [lol]

2020-11-29 18-58-39.JPG

Ran three in parallel, dimming time was okay, but not satisfactory, so added the fourth one I had, totalling 18,800 uF.

2020-11-29 18-59-55.JPG

Soldered'em and added a 1k 1/4W resistor to ensure complete discharge. Without the resistor, the LED will be ON for a prolonged period, maybe hours, but with feeble output, which is really annoying (happened to many converting dome light to LED).

2020-11-29 19-27-47.JPG

Added a diode to prevent reverse discharge (in case) to stock electrical. Full circuit diagram below.

2020-11-29 19-58-14.JPG
2020-11-29 20-03-11.JPG

Dome light connector.

2020-11-29 20-07-45.JPG
2020-11-29 20-08-44.JPG

Used Berg strips to make custom plug and play connectors.

2020-11-29 20-08-54.JPG

Final version. Plug and play. Replaced the female Berg connector to IC-type Berg connector for tighter fit.

2020-11-29 21-35-47.JPG

Circuit diagram.


In action. Gets around 2 second of dimming effect.


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