The Grey Skid – Chevy Beat TCDi LS (December 2012)

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Sep 11, 2009
January 2020 Continued.

Installation. That silicon cover has been in duty since some 2017, started showing it age. Gear boot was an eyesore.

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Loosened the knob with pipe wrench and removed with some jerks.

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Confused as to what to do with the boot.

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Decides to test my stitching skills [lol] (Majority of the time was spent on YouTube on how to fix the sewing machine [confused])

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Version 1. Material left over from what we bought for FZ's seat cover many years back. Quick rough work, but turned out better than what I expected.

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Installed knob and new boot. Perfect for a rookie [evil]

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But not, was bit short in length on the front, causing too much stress in 2nd and Reverse, gradually had to loosen up the top cable tie.

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(January)/March 2020:

After version 1, declared fail, started version 2.

2020-01-26 11-27-17.jpg

More threads. Emptied mom's stock.

2020-01-26 11-27-24.jpg

Improvised 2.1 with a more taper profile. Didn't materialize as screwed up while stitching. 95% done, cross stitched while finishing the neck.

2020-01-26 11-35-26.jpg

Version 3. Same as version 2.1.

2020-03-30 20-04-54.jpg

Successfully finished and installed. Perfect length.

2020-03-31 08-23-07.jpg

Hammered the knob into place. It loosely fit for redoing the boot.

2020-03-31 08-23-14.jpg

Incidental finding, some radio channels showed ID3 tags. Red FM 98.3.

2020-03-22 06-53-48.jpg
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Sep 11, 2009
April 2020:

Lockdown began with summer rains.

2020-04-05 16-22-24.jpg
2020-04-20 13-29-37.jpg

Mended the broken vanity mirror. First the mirror cover came off, then the mirror itself fell off. It was lying in the glovebox for over a year, irritatingly rattling. It had a plastic tab holding the cover, which was broken. Drilled a 2 mm hole and fixed with a screw.

2020-04-17 21-23-35.jpg
2020-04-17 21-23-42.jpg
2020-04-17 21-23-45.jpg

Sun visor was held with torx screws.

2020-04-17 21-25-30.jpg

and some locks.

2020-04-17 21-27-29.jpg
2020-04-17 21-26-55.jpg

Visor back without the mirror. Cut off the excess material covering the frame.

2020-04-17 21-27-24.jpg

Superglued into place. Two of the four tabs holding it were broken.

2020-04-17 21-39-19.jpg

Ready to install back.

2020-04-17 21-39-22.jpg
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Sep 11, 2009
April 2020:

More summer rain.

2020-04-22 16-48-34.jpg

and the perk of having wider tyres without mudflap.

2020-04-24 13-08-08.jpg
2020-04-24 13-08-32.jpg
2020-04-24 13-09-01.jpg

Washed off in a rain drive. Still running with multicolored wheels. Paint shops are open, but no time to go.

2020-04-30 16-33-57.jpg

Proper late night wash.

2020-05-01 21-31-20.jpg

Rear wheel had a faulty valve because of which pressure was dropping and had to top up daily. None of the small puncture shops had the valve in stock. Finally, Tire Club opened once there was relaxation. Changed it there. ₹ 150 for valve including replacement.

2020-04-23 10-37-12.jpg

Some generic valve.

2020-04-24 08-43-37.jpg

Noted the suspension stopper was gone again. Last changed in 2017. The foam I stuck in 2017 to reduce the noise before replacement is still there in the bottom [lol]No one including me and the Chevy dealer bothered to remove it. [frustration]

2020-04-23 10-35-18.jpg
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