The Ford Endeavour 3.2 Titanium – Built Tough

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Nov 28, 2015
Made 2 trips of close to 2300 Kms each in a month. While one was a family roadtrip to Rajasthan (covering Pushkar, Jodhpur, Mount Abu, Udaipur and Jaipur), the other was to meet fellow Endeavour owners from Pan India at Bandhavgarh (M.P.). Sharing a few pictures from the trips.

Umaid Bavan Palace Jodhpur
Endeavour RJ Trip 1.JPG

Army Storme towering over the Fortuner and Endeavour
Endeavour RJ Trip 2.jpg

Parking it too close to the planter due to limited space
Endeavour RJ Trip 4.jpg

City Palace Udaipur
Endeavour RJ Trip 5.jpg

The final trip stats which included close to 3 hours of idling
Endeavour RJ Trip 7.jpg

The entire collection of Endeavours at Bandhavgarh
Endeavour Trip Bandhavgarh 1.jpg

Lining-up for photoshoot
Endeavour Trip Bandhavgarh 3.jpg

The convoy going on trail
Endeavour Trip Bandhavgarh 4.jpg

Endeavour Trip Bandhavgarh 4a.jpg

Getting the mud
Endeavour Trip Bandhavgarh 5.jpg

The highlight was an owner's RC F-150
Endeavour Trip Bandhavgarh 6.jpg

Final Trip stats
Endeavour Trip Bandhavgarh 10.jpg

A few videos from the trip

Post the trips, cleaned the air filter and found that the remains of bugs encountered on highway which would have entered via the Snorkel
Endeavour Airfilter Dust Post Snorkel.jpg
Sep 25, 2017
PB 65
Looks damn enjoyable!
It's looking even beter with the snorkel and the new grill Sir.. And the stripes add to a more sportier look!
Have many lakhs of happy and safe miles ahead ..
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