The Candid Cam: For All Law Breakers in India

Apr 9, 2011
I thought the Datsun driver would stop upon my repeated flashing of headlights but he didn't seem to bother. I literally stood on my B pedal and thankfully halted without a hit.
I am always wary of such idiots. They feel they want to prove a point. These days I let them do it. Though it can get annoying if they ignored your signalling. But I think you did well to stop without hitting. Did you slow down in anticipation before hitting the brakes or was it a last ditch braking effort??


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Apr 21, 2012
New Delhi
To all the people living in Delhi or coming to Delhi , don't say anything to any vehicle owner whatsoever he's doing wrong. you will get foolishness in return and might make your temper high. look at this uncle in the video.
1. He went to the shop whose owner's blue scooter is parked on the road so that no one parks car in front of his shop EVEN HIS OWN CUSTOMERS. yo u can see another scooter parked similarly.
2. The desire guy could have easily parked between the two scooters but no it's his dad's road.
3. at 0:35 he believes i am on a bicycle and i can cross his car easily and he's such a good Samaritan he shows me how to do so by hand movements.
4. 0:44 i said " car cannot cross because of the scooter. He replies " how will the car move ahead , tell me this. scooter should be moved aside" (uncle imagine it to be a bicycle and carry it on your hand)
5. 0:49 i said " uncle you have parked your car wrong on the main road" , he says " even that scooter is parked wrong so you should get it moved , i cannot take my car ahead"
if you listen carefully you can listen to the disappointed sound i made and after that i just kept mum.

i think the shop personnel told the uncle to move the car ahead and not create a scene.

according to the uncle , his wrongfulness is not wrong but the other guy's wrongfulness is a big problem.

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