The Automotive Alchemy

Oct 8, 2011
Most of the cars are actually vinyls like the gumball lambo(am a big Gumball 3000 fan) ,others use a paint called mirrachrome,its a really tuff process & its just not a coating,the whole car paint including the base has to be removed & a whole set of primer & base coat applied,if you wanted your car to appear gold the base coat was of different colour,if you wanted chrome look base coat was white I remember looking it up a few years back for a friends car & sbk,the supplier was from Malaysia.

Recently I came across a USA company which had developed a spray on application which could be used on flexible plastics also,looks like a better option if some one here in India wants to get a small portion done on there cars as I feel the big process for mirrachrome or other paints are not viable.
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