Tata X602 9-Seater MPV Based X6 Platform

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Jan 25, 2013
X602 & X107: Two New Tata UVs Under Works

Tata started its automobile business in India with Sierra back in the early 90s. After a real bad spell of a couple of years recently, they seem to be back focusing on the Utility Vehicle business in the hope of better results and market acceptance.

Apart from various other cars and SUVs, a report at Economic Times reveals that the company is working on two new UVs, which are codenamed as X602 and X107. There is not much that they have mentioned about these two under-works cars and here is a quick brief about them…

X602:According to the report, X602 will be a 9-seater UV based on the X6 platform. We are not really sure what is this X6 platform so will desist from talking about its appropriate or expected design. But a 9 seater will definitely add a lot of variety to Tata’s UV product portfolio.

Source:X602 & X107: Two New Tata UVs Under Works | MotorBash.com
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