Tata Tiago Petrol XZ - A Layman's Long Term Ownership Review

Oct 15, 2011
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could noticed with this is that it occurs only when car was parked under sunlight for a long time (> 1 hr). Something that does not happen on a daily basis.
This is Pretty strange. As is some Sensor is getting heated up In Engine bay and causing this. Is the Condensor fan working when AC kicks in?
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Apr 25, 2016
Sorry for late replies.. Got caught up with work..
I can help you with this steering alignment issue , just answer these questions ...
1. Steering in centre position , vehicle pulls to either one side ? Very slight swaying
2. Tried rotating tyres , still issue persists ? Yes, all wheels rotated
3.Sure of rims ? - No bends or dents, Yep all good here as well
4.No complaints to suspension and related components. No problems

If answer is yes to all ...
Ask them to check steering play , adjust that first and then take it to a good alignment shop , having software for Tiago and do the alignment .(Most good alignment shops , know even adjusting this steering play ), steering play is a small correction , usually given to pick up vehicles as their alignment get faulty due to overloading (Axle issue i think )- this info was from one of my friend in ASS.
I had alignment issue in my ride ,steering play was corrected and alignment was redone , you can check my thread - Glistening Grey Swift .
Thank you for the tip.. I will definitely try this out after COVID-19 situation gets better.

This is Pretty strange. As is some Sensor is getting heated up In Engine bay and causing this. Is the Condensor fan working when AC kicks in?
Yep, just checked today, condensor fan spins fine whenever AC compressor kicks in.
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Apr 25, 2016
4 Years / 9th Service Update (13-Feb-2020 & 14-Feb-2020)​

Had to go in early for next major service (15K intervals) because car had clocked 15K KM before 1 year of previous oil change. I dropped off the car at 10am on 13th Feb with below items/issues to check & fix:
  • Oil and filter
  • Fuel Filter
  • Clean AC filter
  • Headlight manual focus (RHS was higher than LHS after installing projectors)
  • Rotate align and balance wheels. Correct steering right tilt.
  • Replace valve stems with the Triton branded ones I bought online (https://www.amazon.in/gp/product/B07FMP6F12/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1)
  • Humming sound while driving (all speeds)
  • Oil seepage fix (deferred from previous minor service visit)
  • No car wash

Updates from ASC - 13th Feb:
My service advisor called me at ~2pm with below updates:
  • Humming sound: Both right wheel bearings worn out. Needs replacement. Parts not in stock.
  • Oil sump seepage: Drain bolt stuck, needs lathe work to remove it.
  • One of the engine mounts (C mount) was found cracked and needs replacement.
  • All service bays occupied for today and work will be done next day only.

I got frustrated to hear engine mount crack because it was replaced exactly at the 2 year service under warranty. Also engine mounts cracking is a known & repetitive issue for several Tiago owners of 2016/17 batches. So I asked them to check if it falls under extended warranty (EW). Since wheel bearings were not in stock, I thought to get a second opinion from elsewhere before replacing both (one going kaput wouldn't have made me suspicious).

Updates from ASC - 14th Feb:
Around noon, I called for an update and was shocked with below updates:
  • Both wheel bearings changed (without sharing any estimates with me)
  • Engine mount cannot be claimed under EW. By now, I got 2 of ATOM Club members' invoice copies who got it replaced in EW and shared with SA immediately. I wanted fight this out and decided to wait for their response.
  • Oil sump repacked
  • Oil change, fuel filters and other regular work were done. First time they used Mobil Super instead of Castrol Magnatec.
  • Steering tilt corrected by wheel alignment
  • Triton valve stems were installed
  • Headlights refocused.
  • Total bill was more ₹10,177 [shock].
Delivery - 14th Feb:
  • Car was delivered at my office on day 2 evening with a hefty bill of ₹10177/-.
Invoice Combined.jpg

  • In case the above bill is cryptic/unreadable, here's the simpler version of it with approx breakup:

  • Immediately checked headlight focus at our office basement and it was exactly the same as before - RHS higher than LHS, blinding oncoming drivers [frustration].
  • Also noticed steering tilt wasn't corrected yet. The very reason I spent ₹1000 for alignment & balancing was to get this fixed, and apparently they don't care.
Headlight Focus.jpg

  • Worn out wheel bearings (God knows if these are mine or just picked up from their scrap). My bad, I should have have just did some DIY tests from good Youtubers like ChrisFix before trusting them.
  • Damage to wallet: ₹4200
Bearings 1.jpg

Bearings 2.jpg

  • Oil Sump Repacked.
  • Damage to wallet: ₹1600
Oil Sump.jpg

  • Triton Valve Stems: Except for stock valve stems that came with the car, my every other stem lost their tread pattern in few months time because of cheap build and my regular use of portable tyre inflator on them. After looking at several unbranded ones sold for 100 to 150 per piece at tyre shops (even my ASC), found these Triton branded ones on Amazon (link above) for ~300 bucks / 5 pieces. It's been 3 months now and their treads looks and feels good so far. Will update on this after few more months of usage.
Triton 01.jpg

Triton 02.jpg

  • Cabin had lot of mosquitoes due to overnight parking at garage, possibly with windows rolled down. I also never let them wash my car, so got it washed next day at my regular car wash place, where I can do quick detailing afterwards. Sometimes I have spent even half a day with full blown wax sessions, the owner is very cooperative and helpful!
Wash Collage 01.jpg

Wash Collage 02.jpg

  • Signing off for now.. More updates on engine mount to follow in next post:
Wash 5.jpg
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Apr 25, 2016
Engine Mount Replaced (C Mount)​
So I patiently followed up for over a week with my SA on extended warranty claim and he got back saying claim was rejected. With the hefty 10K bill of service visit, I got more furious and asked for email id of whoever rejected my claim to escalate to TML. While waiting for this, Tata's Leap with Tata Facebook group (by invite only, for some Tiago/Tigor owners) left a comment on my photo, for which I lost temper and posted this reply:

After this conversation, they contacted me over the phone and collected more information on my issue. To my surprise, my ASC manger calls me the same day asking if I raised a complaint against them. Explained the story to him and he got the approval for EW claim the very next day. I couldn't visit them for a couple of weeks due to outstation travel and work issues but then the mount was promptly replaced after I got time to visit my ASC.

New C Mount: Looking at how low this thing sits, it could very well be cracked due to stones or debris from highway runs (belly never scraped) but even if that's true, I will call it a design flaw.

Invoice Copy:

Few days before this visit, I had noticed an unusual 'rrrrrrrr' noise immediately after turning key ON every morning. Upon close inspection, found out it was the flap opening/closing noise for external air circulation. Tiago automatically closes the flap after some time from shutting the engine down. Probably was designed to prevent rats/rodents from entering cabin through this opening. I have the habit of letting fresh air from outside come in from blower for a minute or two and this flap would open at that time making this noise noticeable. I thought some object like plastic got stuck in its way and making this noise.

Air Circulation Flap Noise:

Turns out, my AC blower motor has gone kaput as well and they had automatically raised EW claim for this as well [:D]. Unfortunately, I could not follow up on this because of lockdown started a couple of days after this visit. Have to follow up after things go back to normal.

Up next, some LED bulbs and headlight leveler plugs, hopefully in the next few days!


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