Tata Safari Storme Review & Pictures

Sep 21, 2016
Hello All,

I am new to this thread, I don't own Safari storm, but I have a very close relationship with safari storm becuase its of my Sir. He owns first batch of Safari storm 320n-m Torque. currently Odometers is 71,000 Km, and I happy to tell everybody, storm doing its job very well.
No issues till date. Currently I have uploaded recent video of speeding of safari storm.

Its real off-roader, reason behind choosing safari storm is my sir owns farmhouse in remote area , and Road is very bad, took test drive and immediately selected 4x4 model. I was with storm from first day of its owning.

One more thing I want to add, we have fitted spider engine tuning kit when oddo was 15000 km and from that day we are owning 400 n-m storm, Power has been tremendously increase, people who want to upgrade there safari storm from 320 to 400 n-m for them its a very good option. if you have any question regarding this please you can ask.


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Jun 26, 2013
Storme has completed 5yr & 86k km on odd
Impressed by the ride quality and comfort level this car provides.
However, In last 5 yrs truck loads of parts have been changed. and now fuel pump is giving trouble.
Service centres are equally responsible for reliability of any cars.

Some point i would like to cover about TASS Concorde ( Tata Owned )

I will now highlight 'some' blunders of TASS , If you open Storme booklet , and read about what services has to be done to it at that given specific km or year [ what ever earlier ]
1. Engine oil - New facelift Storme had different grade engine oil [CI-4] , still TASS was using old engine oil [CH-4] which was not suitable for it ( currently they have corrected it ). Wrong Engine Oil = Less Engine life.
2. Propellor Shaft Greasing - This has to be done every service , but TASS has not even done even once. Upon asking Why ? they dont have grease gun , so frustrating
3. Lots of Rubber pipes has to be changed at 60k km ,such as Turbo pipe , egr and many more hose's, to this question they did not have parts.
4. Software Flaw - Cant the software show 'Things to do in 60k km service of storme " why manually SA has to put ?

Now there are many more examples where its clear that Tata service is not serious about what's written in manual, now this directly affects the reliability of those parts.

Going by the track record of Tata Service center and In such scenario how should one justify the new cars such as Hexa , Nexon and Tiago will be niggle free ?
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