TATA Safari EX (Pearl White) - Now Delivered (Pg.6)

Sep 24, 2012
Re: TATA Safari EX (Pearl White) - Coming Home Soon!

Is it true that the production from 2011 have better quality control ? And very very less issues ?

Indeed! I own a 2011 June Lx model. Its been an Year, 14k+ kms and my Safari and my wallet is in good shape!

Niggles so far:
1) The infamous 'khat khat' noise from idler arms on full turn. Remedy: idler arm adjustment, central pin greasing and its gone!

2) A small 'thud' heard often, i feel its somewhere below the drivers foot well (under body) . Yet to identify the source. Not a big deal though...the technicians at MARINA motors, calicut says its from engine vibration, did some tightening etc....but its still there!

3) Some 'tak tak' Noise form rear seat 'lock' when there is only one passenger on it. Goes of when its a full bench. Kind of not locking in properly

4) The latest...my central lock unit is completely dead! Being an Lx version, i had to go for Minda remote lock system (offered and fitted by dealer). Minda guys came and found its fine and asked me to get the OE central lock unit replaced. As usual, Marina Motors didnt have it in stock. Needs to be replaced and is under warranty.

Apart from these niggles, the beast fine. I do really miss it every time I step into the SantaFe that my office offers!

Forgot to introduce myself..a newbie here! From Mahe/Kerala, Works in middle east. It took 10 years for me to get into my own Safari, the dream vehicle I've been chasing since college days! . And before that is the usual story of family cars...the Premier Padmini, Maruti Zen and Good old Indigo. We still have the M800 running fine!
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