Tata Nexon Petrol XZA+: Ownership Review

Oct 9, 2012
My nexon will be a one year old baby by 9th July and is now due for this third service. It has run only 5000 kms.

Any particular points to be kept in mind for the third servicing in Nexon XZA+ ?
Congrats, do get the oil and filter changed, I did it for my Nexon XMA in the 2nd service, and paid for it. For the 3rd service it should be free.
Also get the air and cabin filter cleaned. And coolant top-up if required.
Check also if any ECU update is available for your car.
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Jul 28, 2018
Improvement in mileage after third service

I got the third service of my Nexon XZA+ (P) done and wanted to see if it has made any difference to the mileage. So today early morning I took it on a highway ride on Greater Noida expressway. I wanted to extract and see the maximum mileage I can get, so I drove in ECO mode with a very light foot on the accelerator, RPM always below 2000 and set the AC to 26 degrees on ECON mode. Once on the highway I kept the speed between 60 to 70 and the AMT kept the car in 5th gear. There was hardly any traffic on the expressway so the car rode steadily without the need to apply brakes or change any gears. The mileage started climbing steadily and crossed 20.6 km/ which was the previous best I had got from my Nexon (see post number 16 in this thread).

After comfortably crossing the previous best, the mileage reached a peak of 23.0 km/ litre. I believe this is a very good mileage, but at the same time it is not achievable / practical in real life scenario because the driving conditions cannot be this much ideal (highway with no traffic, cruising in ECO mode at a constant speed of only 60 without any acceleration or braking). To say the least the drive was not a fun drive, only to extract the best mileage.

So I do believe after the third service the mileage has improved

Has any of the other TAIers got a better mileage from a petrol Nexon ?

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