Tata Nexon Ownership Review: Living The Nexon Life

Nov 19, 2014
Turbo failures can come as early as taking the car out of delivery (mostly seen in earlier batches of Hyundais ) and as late as 2L-3L km (toyotas , its rare )
The main issue in India is our quality of diesel and also driving patterns (not to be confused with driving habit ) - say a driver uses the car for a short trip of 3-5 kms daily or say a driver uses the car for a long drive of 50kms with stops at each 10km ) , the shut off and ignition , each time can show affects on engine and also turbo , and this effect is reduced by how the manufacturers tune their car to Indian condition (Hyundais still haven't done that right ) .
Fiat sourced engines , more often show issues mostly with high pressure and low pressure pumps , turbo failure is rare , but cant deny too .
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