Tata Nano OR Maruti Baleno OR Esteem? Booked Nano

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Feb 2, 2010
Margao, Goa
Congrats on the car Manpreet and welcome to TAI.

Not because its small and wont be comfortable but its not safe enough!
It's actually much safer than you think.

I would reiterate famous quote of our member Peter "Only people who have problems and issues with Tata Nano are those who have not driven it."[cheers]
Well good to know that people are reading my signature and using is as a base for their own quotes. What you said is true. Almost every critic of the Nano has not even driven it.

Well i still stand by my word , i will never look at Nano as a highway car! The car has nothing in the name of safety features and i have seen how flimsy the build of Nano is. I don't recommend Nano only because of safety concerns , nothing else! The car cannot survive a crash!
I have actually seen a Nano in a crash and I was shocked. The bonnet was totally finished. But the passenger compartment was intact. The Nano is safer than even a Swift in a crash.

Nano has many unique Safety features which I know but finding difficult to put forward.

It is much safer than many other higher priced cars in case of crash.
Exactly. See above.

I believe in case of serious impact well built Punto and said Nano would become debris almost equally but the requirement is chances of survival.
they are not built for military application though.

I can quite assure that Nano is much safer than old HM ambassador or premier Padmini.
What is important in a crash is the crumple zones. The car can become debris as long as the passenger compartment is intact. This is where Japanese cars are lacking. The concept of crumple zones didn't exist when the Ambassador & Padmini were designed.

Nano crash test done in the UK. This car was driven 10,000km from India to England (except through Pakistan where it was shipped)
The Nano is being readied for sale in Europe. This was planned at the design stage itself. So safety is not really an issue here.

@jayadev: I thought I am the only fan of the Nano in the whole world other than Ratan Tata.
You'll be surprised how many fans there are. I visited Argentina and Brasil just before the Nano launch in India. The people there were eagerly waiting for the car to be launched there.

Virtually every average Indian is using the auto rickshaw without hesitation, which in my books is more of a suicidal action than driving much less safe cars than Nanos. I personally made at least 50 rides in them on my last visit and not only short trips.
Exactly. What about people on scooters without helmets, women in saris sitting sideways on bikes with kids in the hand etc. No one says anything about that. But if the Nano is without airbags and ABS, everyone wants to accuse TATA of killing people.


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Aug 10, 2009
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Now that the ownership review is up, let us continue further discussions there itself. Thanks.

Drive Safe,
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