Tata Motors Asked to Pay Rs 1.25 L For Selling Defective Car

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Nov 29, 2012
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According to this piece of news on Financial Express, a consumer forum has directed Tata Motors Ltd to pay Rs 1.25 lakh as compensation to one of its customers whose car developed numerous defects within the first year of its purchase.

The forum also noted that Tata had "simply" opposed the plea of Delhi resident Khalid Hashmi "without explaining how a new car within a year was presented with so many problems".
Earlier in May-2013, there was a similar report where TELCO [Tata Engineering and Locomotive Co Ltd] was asked to pay Rs.2.5Lac to a customer as compensation for selling him a defective car.Please read here

It's mainly due to the QC [lack of] checks performed by the manufactures. At the same time, it's good to see some manufactures supporting their customers by correcting the issues/defects as goodwill gestures. But they will have to catch up to avoid having such manufacturing defects in the first place.

It is high time to have an independent mechanism/agency/watch-dog to monitor and evaluate on the level of Quality Control among various manufacturers in India. If found any defect in a new batch of cars, an immediate offical recall is imposed on, in order to protect consumer interest.

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