Tata Dealer 'SAB Motors (Delhi)' Terrible Post Booking Experience

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Sep 7, 2014
Delhi-NCR/ Mumbai

Today, I had the worst experience at Tata Motors dealer 'SAB Motor' located at Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi. I on behalf of a very close family friend Mr. Amit Nahata was coordinating for the Altroz XE Rhythm Petrol booked on 18 Jan 2021 from SAB Motors. I assured my friend it was safe and a wise decision to book a Tata car since I myself have a good experience of owning Tata Cars since past 4 years. So upon my assurance, he booked the car on his wife's name.

The SA assigned was Manish Arora and his TL is Wasim. Now, on paper they mentioned waiting of 3-5 weeks post which 1 week it takes to transit the car. Now it has been over a month and till date not even allocation has been done. Every time we call to seek an update from Dealer, the SA or TL have the same answer "Gaadi Allocate nahi hui Sir" "Time Lagega" they have been beating around the bush for a month without any firm commitment or reverts to customer query. Today morning after not getting a timely reply from the TL, my friend called me. I reached the dealer in afternoon and spoke to TL & SA in a clear manner as my friend had informed me that the XE rhythm variant is available in Meerut. Everytime the TL shows me an excel sheet of pending orders which isn't of use to me because I am concerned for my friend's car and not anyone else. Since I advised him to book an Altroz, so it is my responsibility too to make sure the delivery of it is smooth too. My friend has trusted me and I am in no way going to disappoint him. My friend has given away his old car too and the dealer executives are now playing the clever with him by telling him to wait as he'll loose the price protection on cancelling the booking. Neither they are delivering the car, neither they are prompt with allocation and neither they have any clue of how much time more is going to be taken.

Today I called their Sales/Showroom Manager and after briefing him about the issue, his comment was "So this isn't your car", "you are not our customer so don't behave or talk like a customer" "I am not answerable to you". This particular statement made me really feel bad since even if I am not a customer of SAB motors, I am foremost the customer of TATA Motors. TATA Motors the brand is far bigger entity than the dealer. I really don't need to be SAB Motors customer to enquire for a friend's car booked on my suggestion. His Wife also called the SA to enquire and she too got just a dumb reply without any eagerness to deliver. Is this the way how Sales Job is done? The way the SA & TL have handled or should I say messed up, I fear that even in this 5th week the car might not be allocated. To be honest, I wasn't ever convinced of my friend's decision to book from this dealer. I did not get to see that eagerness to sell, proactive attitude to address the customer query, eagerness to take updates from TML for the booking has been missing ever since the booking. Moving further, my friend, requested the TL, Wasim to give him the details of Tyre & Alloy upgrade. Alloys price was given but no details were given about Tyre upgrade till today afternoon. This lack of clarity and sincerity from the dealer's executive is damaging the brand's reputation. Moreover, after showing him all the proofs of our messages sent to him and reminding him of his commitment, he agreed that yes, there has been mistake on their part.

I called my friend to the showroom and then he took over and has clearly informed the Sales Manager to revert at earliest with the allocation and delivery details. I mean, who gives them the right to address the queries in the most uncalled manner? They tried to shift the responsibilities from one person to other. I never imagined that a dealer of such a responsible and reputed Indian brand would be so laid back. The sales manager has agreed to take action on the SA & TL and has provided my friend his contact details too. Every customer is an important link in the expansion of a brand. Substandard customer service isn't going to help. I really feel bad for the management of TML who I don't know how, have incorporated such dealer executives in their system. Tata Cars at present are benchmark of safety and even to great extent in styling too but such dealers are ruining it all big time.

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