Tata Altroz (X451) Premium Hatchback Launched

Feb 3, 2012
Deccan Plateau
If we could get Polo GT in last decade why can't Tata bring Altroz with Nexon specs?

11.9 sec is respectable and surely no one will do this on regular basis however, it shows the potency of the engine
11. 9 comes close to skoda Rapid TDI.
20 to 80 & 40 to100 readings are more important in Indian practical life.

Will it be able to challenge the sales number of mighty i20 or Baleno?
You mean to say mighty sale numbers of i20 or Baleno.?
Dec 27, 2012
KA 20
With DCT coming, they need some lee-way to place it on the top of the pile.

So dont be saddened by the power figures and the 0-100 time.
A quicker and more powerful Altroz is on its way. (No I dont have any source, Its a guesstimate. [:D])


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Sep 7, 2014
Delhi-NCR/ Mumbai

Today, one of our very close & family friend (known him since 2002) finally formalized the booking of XE Rhythm version in Gray. He went for the 1.2L Petrol engine. As he is a novice and this is his wife's first car so he told me to assist him (his wife had few reservations on TML brand). I happily did. The final price post the exchange of Hyundai Getz and some discounts came to 5.90L on road (Delhi). Today morning me & dad went there and finally I told him to get insurance from outside after which the deal settled at 5.57L (after deducting the booking amount paid yesterday). He had been using the Getz so was inclined for a i10 Nios but once when he sat in Altroz he was kind of blown away with the space & safety[:D] it offered over i10 Nios. In i10 he was getting the magma variant though. However, Altroz ticked all the boxes w.r.t safety, looks & space.

The estimated time given by SA for the delivery is 3-4 weeks. He was very happy with the way the deal closed and have advised the SA to share VIN post the allocation of the car followed by PDI. He was considering to buy alloys and the dealer accessory guy quoted 40K. I refused point blank. Being close to Lajpat Nagar car market, the alloys can be bought for 20K-25K and seat covers for another 8-10K. I have suggested him to buy them from a shop in Lajpat Nagar from whom even I bought alloys for my CITY back in 2014.

He had discussed his car purchase need with me and told me of the options he was considering. Cutting across the frill I stood with SAFETY FIRST and suggested him Altroz & Tiago because i10 Vs Tiago, there is no match to safety and Altroz Vs Nios i10 again no comparison on safety. So, today it finally was the Altroz which will be his new car. Safe & Smart choice[thumbswink]

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