Suggest New Head Unit For Maruti Suzuki A-Star

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Dec 27, 2014
Nagpur, MH
> Your Car: maruti suzuki a-star vxi 2011

> Budget Range: ~6k

> Looking For Head Unit only

> Preferred Brands (If any): Sony pioneer

> Preferred Music Genre: EDM, pop

> Existing Audio Setup: stock hu

> Misc. Details / Specific Questions:

Hello I want to replace the head unit of my car. The current head unit is of maruti nippon stock unit.
I have a special need of iPhone connectivity to the head unit either wired or wireless. But wireless is preferred.
The stock hu has aux port which gives worst sound output and sound quality is very high priority to me.
I have sony speakers installed but I will buy new if I am not satisfied after the replacement of head unit. But I can only buy head unit now. Please suggest some I need Bluetooth connectivity with iPhone or with USB should be supported. That's all I need.
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