Skillful Vehicle Parking: A Necessity Now

Feb 21, 2015

Mom has given open permission to park the cars to other residents also but none are bothered simply because of their fragile ego.
People would be bothered about favour which they have to do again.:-). I once used a parking space of neighbour who was at the end of road; and he started parking right infront of our house every time. He said he saves time and reverse turning which he had to do every time he wants to go out. I stopped parking at his place. So, if anybody offers the same now, I think twice!

Quite a nice parking space you have. Most People, I have seen are manners less and park haphazardly and don't bother about others. we have seen people here who do not mind stopping car in the middle of the road to buy a pan, supari and ciggies; while they are doing this; there will be huge traffic pile up. So these kind of people don't bother about parking correctly.
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