Shell India & Ministry of Road Transport and Highways Start #DriveSafeIndia Program

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Sep 7, 2014
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Shell India and Ministry of Road Transport and Highways roll out road safety program, #DriveSafeIndia to reach 5,000,000 millennials​

New Delhi, India, August 29, 2018 -- Shell Companies in India, in partnership with the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH), Government of India, has rolled out #DriveSafeIndia, a behaviour change program to drive home the importance of safe driving practices aiming to reach 5 Million millennials leveraging social media and on ground activities. The first phase of the program saw high level of online engagement with more than 6 million impressions and 800,000 video views on Facebook and close to 400000 thousand impressions on Twitter. The Facebook engagement rate of 2.97% beat the India Road Safety 2017 benchmark of 2.0. The program targets the top ten road accident- prone cities of India.

Every hour India witnesses 17 deaths caused due to road accidents with nearly half of them being young adults. 80% of the fatalities are due to human action. In line with Shell’s commitment to Goal Zero that leads by the principle of ‘Safety for All’ and MORTH’s commitment to < add their mission>, the three-phase program combines online and on-ground activities to inculcate safe driving habits including:

No over-speeding Wearing helmets

Wearing a seatbelt

No driving under the influence of intoxicants

No distracted driving

Speaking on this partnership, Shri Nitin Gadkari, Hon’ble Union Minister for Road Transport and Highways, said, “India sees over 500,000 road accidents leading to 150,000 fatalities. Road safety is a prime concern for the Government and aims to bring down road accidents by 50 percent by 2022. We hope inculcating safe driving behaviours amongst our youth who are just starting to drive will set the way forward for the rest of the country. With the #DriveSafeIndia initiative in partnership with Shell, we are adding to our ongoing effort to create safer Indian roads.”

Added Nitin Prasad, Country Chairman, Shell Companies in India, “As more vehicles and drivers hit the fast expanding Indian road network, we need to understand the implications of rash driving to others and ourselves. We should all be able to go home safe to our loved ones every day. #DriveSafeIndia is one such effort from Shell with the support of Ministry of Road Transport and Highways to create safer roads for all in India. We hope others, individuals and organisations, join us to take this movement to millions more across the country.

You can join the movement and spread the message on #DriveSafeIndia on Facebook and Twitter

Program Highlights


Over 62 lakh Impressions, 28 thousand Engagements with an Engagement Rate (ER) of 2.97%

Over 8 lakh+ Video Views at a View Rate of 13.34% and Completion Rate 59.26%

'Distracted driver' video got maximum attention with view time of 4.2 secs and ER of 1.15%

The 25-34 age group had the highest with View Rate of 13.87% and ER of 1.15%

Resonated better with Males with a Completion Rate of 60.18%


Close to 4 lakh Impressions, 13 thousand Engagements with an Engagement Rate of 3.56%

Close to 16 thousand Video Views with a View Rate of 4.3% and Completion Rate of 91.2%.

The program performed slightly better with Males with ER 3.6% (vs Females with ER 3.15%).

The “No driving under the influence of intoxicants” saw the strongest engagement with Engagement Rate of 7.2%

The program created by combined team of Shell teams in India and London saw Colloquial design the collaterals and Mediacom deploy it across channels.

Coming up, #DriveSafeIndia will take the program on road to colleges across India to provide an experience the impact of safe driving practices through simulated exercises using virtual reality and animation. It will also target millennials to share their experiences of saving or losing through the adoption or lack of safe driving practices.

About Shell India:

Shell India, part of the global energy giant, the Shell Group, employs about 4000 employees in India and has a technology centre and a financial business operations centre. It also operates a joint venture LNG receiving and re-gasification terminal. Its other core businesses include manufacturing and marketing crude oil into a range of refined products and development of domestic natural gas production.

About MoRTH:

A ministry of the Government of India, Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) is the main body for formulation and administration of rules, regulations, and laws relating to road transport in India. It has been led by Mr Nitin Gadkari, as minister, since May 2014.

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